Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares Some Epic Photos

Sister Wives fans know that soon, Christine Brown and her fiance, David Woolley will tie the knot. But first, she took her daughters, David, and her son-in-law, Mitch, and they went to the UK and Ireland. Lots of fun photos emerged, but the ones she shared this week were epic, TLC fans agreed.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Goes To The UK

Plenty of people wondered if Kody’s former third wife would just dump the idea of a wedding in Utah, and marry in the UK instead. However, it seems unlikely that David would marry without his own family being at the wedding. So for now, TLC fans have to take Christine at her word that they are just on vacation.

Sister Wives fans saw that family visited all the usual tourist sites in and around London. Then, they went up to Ireland and enjoyed some traditional food and drink at a bar. Fans who spotted them noted that David seemed to be very sweet with Christine’s kids. Anyway, they just traveled about two hours away from London and their fun day brought some epic photos that were shared on Instagram.

Christine Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Epic Photos From Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a mysterious place associated with the winter and summer solstice. Apparently, the Pagans find special meaning in the place that was thought to be constructed “between 3,000 BC and 1,6000 BC.” According to Metro UK, it started off life as a place where people used to cremate their loved ones. Anyway, it’s mystical and spiritual and clearly helps to make people happy, judging by Christine’s photos.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Shares Some Epic Photos
Christine Brown / Instagram

In the caption, the Sister Wives star wrote, “Stonehenge!! I’ve wanted to go since I was in 5th grade and FINALLY made it! It’s unreal being in a place with so much mysticism and lore. #jumpingphotos #england #stonehenge #trafalgartours #blessed.”

tlc sister wives christine brown uk
Christine Brown / Instagram

Christine also added in her comments section, “This is awesome on epic proportions.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – TLC Fans React

Sister Wives fans loved the happy-looking photos and they took to the comments section of the Instagram post. One of them wrote, “I’ve been a silent observer for many years now but I just wanted to comment and say that I feel so happy for you to have created a life of such joy. It takes courage to walk away from people and things that aren’t working for you, and a lot of courage after to rebuild, and you’ve done an exemplary job.”

Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but notice that everyone seems to be so happy. It’s like something restained and ugly fell away and revealed a family full of real love and joy.

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