Should Sister Wives Fans Consult Their Doctor Before Using Plexus?

Sister WivesSister Wives stars Janelle Brown, Christine, and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brown Brush all sell Plexis products. Mostly, it’s known as the “pink drink.” While all three TLC stars look healthy, is it best to consult a doctor before taking it? Is it healthy? Are there concerns about transparency? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Is Plexus And How Does It Work?

Janelle Brown certainly lost weight over the past two years. Additionally, TLC fans claim that she looks healthier since she started using Plexus products. She works out and mostly watches her diet. Actually, some people think that she’s her own best advert for the Plexus products that she sells. If you don’t know, it’s basically an MLM where the more sellers you recruit, the more you earn. Plus you earn from the sales.

Meanwhile, Sister Wives star Christine Brown markets the same product. Actually, she recently dumped LuLaRoe, but it seems that she keeps on with the drink business. Once again, TLC fans keep on telling her that she looks fabulous. And, admittedly, she does. Folks who struggle with weight loss often ask where they can sign up to get their hands on the various drinks.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fan Asks Why People Criticize Plexus

On June 10, u/Financial_Chemist366 asked about it on the r/SisterWives subreddit. The question came after a series of photos revealed an orange drink near Avalon and another showed Maddie with her new baby, Josephine. After some folks dissed the product, the inquisitive poster asked, “Can someone explain this stuff to me? I take it that it’s not good since most people in this thread comment negatively.” 

Should Sister Wives Fans Consult Their Doctor Before Using Plexus
Maddie Brush Via r/SisterWives / Reddit

The Sister Wives follower added, “I don’t wanna deep dive so if someone can be a gem and give us under-rock-ees some insight?” As nobody responded, we did some digging. Actually, there are not many recent reviews about the product. One from Ancestral Nutrition was written in 2015. The blog acknowledged that Plexus had become a bit more transparent about its ingredients. But it also mentioned that “Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE)” can cause some side effects like “anxiety, headaches, and heart palpitations.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Medical Studies

Perhaps the company that the Sister Wives stars market reacted with more transparency after University Health News looked into the product in 2014. Citing studies and papers, the report by a naturopathic physician, Kathleen Jade, ND mentioned GCBE and the “chlorogenic acid” in it. She cited studies that found no bad side effects in products containing lower doses, in the region of “700 to 1050 mg vs. 180 to 400 mg.” But consistent doses of “2000mg or more caused significant increases in subjects’ homocysteine levels…Elevated homocysteine levels increase the risk of heart disease.”

The argument is that the exact doses were not described by Plexus at the time. However, it is also an old article. The site does say that it is updated regularly, and the last update came in 2020. However, it does recommend: “consult your doctor before taking any Plexus supplements to discuss any side effects.” Actually, with any change of diet and added supplements, it’s always a good idea to do that.

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