Severance Season 2 Could Be Delayed Over Showrunners’ Tensions

Season 2 of Severance on Apple TV+
Severance [Image Apple TV/YouTube]

After Severance season 1 started streaming on Apple TV+ viewers thoroughly enjoyed the psychological thriller. The dystopian series was so successful it was renewed for a second season. However, fans are still waiting for news of season 2, which appears to be facing delays. What is holding back the second season of Severance? It could be due to tensions between the two showrunners.

Is Severance season 2 facing delays on Apple TV+?

Adam Scott in Severance
Adam Scott [Image Apple TV/YouTube]

Starring Adam Scott, Christopher Walken, Patricia Arquette, Britt Lower, John Turturro and Zack Cherry, the Apple TV+ series Severance took fans by storm when it was first released. Meanwhile, fans were thrilled to hear it was being renewed for a second season.

According to Decider, showrunners of the hit psychological drama were no longer on speaking terms. Apparently, this is due to a falling out between them that allegedly happened when season 1 was about to wrap its production. In fact, Mark Friedman and Dan Erickson reportedly no longer saw eye to eye. Meanwhile, Ben Stiller and the studio tried to find a replacement, which led to Friedman rejoining the team.

What is happening with season 2?

Britt Lower in Severance
Britt Lower [Image Apple TV/YouTube]

Recently, TV Line reported that representatives from Apple had reached out to them. Apparently, they wanted to let them know that season 2 of Severance is still on schedule. They added that the budget is the same as season 1 and that Dan, Beau Willimon and Mark were all working together. Reportedly, Beau was hired for season 3 and, as they don’t have a traditional writers’ room, “it made sense he would get involved in the current season as well.”

Despite any tensions, it looks like season 2 of the sci-fi series is currently in the making. Due to Severance’s popularity and the awards it received, it is clearly going to happen. However, no hint of a premiere date has been received.

About Severance on Apple TV+

Britt Lower in Severance
Britt Lower [Image Apple TV/YouTube]

For those who haven’t seen season 1 of Severance, the series follows the story of employees at a company who undergo a medical procedure. The procedure separates their consciousness between their working time and time spent outside the office. In fact, the procedure is so extreme, it gets to the point where some employees develop two completely different personalities. However, Mark, who is played by Adam Scott) finds out that something is wrong with the process and has made it his personal mission to uncover the conspiracy surrounding the business.

Season 1 of Severance closed a number of plot twists, including the revelation of Helly’s (Britt Lower) true identity. It also hinted at what is happening with Irving’s (John Turturro) love life. Season 2 should hopefully address the cliffhangers, taking fans further into the dystopian world where this takes place. With a bit of luck, fan-favorite characters will finally get to enjoy a normal life, instead of two separate identities.

Readers can watch the second 1 trailer below:

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