Savannah Chrisley Filming New Reality Series, What Is It?

Savannah ChrisleyFans noticed that Savannah Chrisley hasn’t done much with her time since Todd and Julie Chrisley entered prison earlier this year. They wonder if it’s because her finances are tied to theirs. However, it looks like she’s set on making her own money. Savannah is filming a new reality series. Keep on reading for more details.

Savannah Chrisley Spoilers – Films For Special Forces?

A new video popped up on YouTube. Rumors are swirling that Savannah Chrisley is filming for the reality series called Special Forces. The rumor trickled onto Reddit. Fans wanted to know what she’s intending to do on the show. They can’t see Savannah doing hard physical labor since she grew up in a rich family.

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test takes 16 celebrity contestants and puts them through intense special forces training. They are entirely removed from society as they have to survive the military training camp.

The first season of Special Forces premiered on FOX and included The Bachelorette Hannah Brown, 7th Heaven alum Beverly Mitchell, Kate Gosselin, and Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn Spears. Reportedly, a second season is currently in production. Savannah Chrisley is one of the celebrity contestants in the upcoming season.

Fans took to the Reddit thread to react. Some wonder if Savannah Chrisley will even make it through the first episode. Like most reality show competitions, a new person goes home every week. The remaining person will win the Special Forces training.

“I doubt she will make it past the first episode. JS,” one user noted. “She will be the first one out,” another added.

The first season of Special Forces took place in Jordan. They’re filming the new season in New Zealand. She hasn’t revealed whether she’s currently in NZ. Savannah has kept her whereabouts a secret for the time being.

Savannah Chrisley –  Denounces Rumors?

Amid the rumors, Savannah Chrisley took to her Instagram Stories to share a beautiful photo. It was a shot of a neighborhood during sunset. However, one fan noted that she flew to Sydney, Australia this week, which means she could be headed toward New Zealand.

However, some fans wonder if Savannah took a break from her duties as a primary caregiver to Chloe and Grayson. She was given the responsibility to care for them while her parents were in jail.

“… she is the primary caregiver for 2 kids, who along with her, just had their world ripped apart and this job opp seems logical?!?! They are broke,” one fan wrote.

Others wondered if Savannah Chrisley is hard-up for money. She claims on her Unlocked podcast that she and Grayson are still well off, financially. Yet, some are skeptical since she’s rumored to be filming Special Forces.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Savannah Chrisley will appear on Special Forces? Will you watch the new season? Sound off below in the comment section.

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