Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Speaks Out About Meghan Markle For First Time

Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Speaks Out About Meghan Markle For The Very First TimeIf Fergie says it, we believe it. While promoting her new book, A Most Intriguing Lady, Sarah Ferguson was asked about her relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And yes, she did speak out about Meghan for the very first time and what she had to say was also pretty interesting, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Sarah Ferguson Speaks Out About Meghan Markle For The Very First Time

Speaking to The Telegraph in a new interview, Sarah was very careful about the words that she chose when asked about the Duchess of Sussex. And boy do we mean careful. When the interviewer asked if Meghan had done any damage to the royal family, she said, “‘It is absolutely not my place to answer that. She has made Harry very happy, and that is so nice. Honestly, he’s so happy with her. She really loves him. And I think that’s beautiful – and that Diana would be proud of him and her lovely grandchildren.”

Fergie also admitted that she doesn’t really know the ‘real’ Meghan Markle. She said, “I haven’t really met her. I spoke to her at the funeral, and I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. I think she is beautiful.”

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But at the same time, Sarah says that she absolutely understands why Prince Harry has chosen to live in America. She said, “I can’t speak for him, but I will say that after I got divorced, I spent 12 years in America, writing books, and it was a wonderful place for me. I felt free there. And I can’t thank Americans enough for the way they were with me. So, I can understand why he would [do that].”

And in a surprising admission, Sarah also said that she would love to do her own Netflix docuseries in the same way that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did with their runaway hit, Harry and Meghan. Yes, we would totally watch it, too. Watch this space as we have a feeling that it might happen!

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