Prince Harry And King Charles Peace Talk Is A Publicity Stunt

Prince Harry will meet with King Charles for peace talks on September 17 when the Duke of Sussex is in London for a stop to Germany for the Invictus Games. Meghan Markle will be with her husband for the trip, but allegedly is not planning on joining the prince when he talks to his father.

The Royal source says the pair will meet to smooth out tensions within the family following the Duke’s memoir, Spare.

Tensions Between The Palace And Prince Harry At An All-Time High

Relations between Harry and Meghan have not been good since the release of Spare in January. Royal staff are planning on staging a meeting between the father and son on September 17 and hope that they can agree to get on a better footing.

Prince Harry

“King Charles is due to return to London from Balmoral in the middle of September which ties in with the end of Harry’s Invictus Games trip to Dusseldorf. The King has a scheduled official visit to France on September 20 so has a few days to spare in London to meet his son. Staff are trying to fine-tune the details as we speak,” a royal insider claimed.

The King will make it clear that he’s upset by Prince Harry’s claims in the book Spare, specifically the things he said about his wife, Camilla.

The tension between Harry and Prince William could be harder to overcome. Harry’s remarks in his book about Princess Kate Middleton were not kind. William is still upset about it.

Experts Say The Meeting Is A Publicity Stunt

Publicist Matt Yanofsky said the so-called meeting is more of a PR move than a genuine meeting to hash out their differences. He doesn’t expect anything more than “another episode of the Royal family’s soap opera.”

“Only the men in that room know what will happen, but from a public relations standpoint, the royal family depends on storylines to stay in the news, especially when the public’s approval of the royals is in decline,” Yanofsky explained. .“This is another story point … which is great for the entire family [and the viewers at home],” he continued.

It’s no secret that Harry and his family have had trouble getting along in recent years. Prince Harry alleges in his memoir, Spare, that his father branded him ‘spare’ since birth and it caused tension between them growing up.

Do you think Prince Harry and King Charles will make amends? Stick with us for more Royal news and updates!

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