Netflix Slammed By Subscribers For Controversial Instagram Post

Netflix slammed for mocking subscribers on Instagram
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Anyone that has watched and loved a show on Netflix that gets canceled can relate to the reaction of subscribers to the streamer’s recent Instagram post. In fact, social media has truly come alive after Netflix mocked its subscribers over constantly demanding their favorite shows be renewed. The streamer may have thought it was being clever and funny, but its customers definitely don’t agree.

Netflix mocks its subscribers on Instagram

A new and viral hashtag has come into being after Netflix made an incendiary Instagram post. Meanwhile, the streamer is used to courting controversy, particularly over its rules on password sharing have changed a number of times.

Subscribers slam Netflix for controversial Instagram Story
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Moreover, the streamer has recently made a number of controversial show cancellations, including The Midnight Club, Midnight Mass, Warrior Nun and Altered Carbon.

Possibly trying to be clever and funny, Netflix posted an image to its Instagram Story that mocks its subscribers for demanding their favorite shows are renewed. Almost immediately, the streamer was slammed by its subscribers on social media. Readers can see their reactions throughout this page.

Controversial Instagram Story

Taco Bell on Instagram

Meanwhile, the post was originally shared by Taco Bell’s Instagram account and reveals a pie chart to represent the comments on Netflix posts.  Moreover, the pie chart reveals that the majority of comments related to “bring ____ back,” while the tiny pink sliver of comments comes from spam accounts.

Following Netflix sharing the post, the term “WHAT THE HELL NETFLIX” trended internationally on Twitter, with more than 18k posts in just two hours. The post particularly led subscribers to slam the streamer over Warrior Nun, which was canceled after season 2 in December 2022. In fact, the hashtags #SaveWarriorNun and #WarriorNun were also trending on Twitter.

Moreover, while the Netflix post didn’t mention any specific shows, a campaign has been going viral to get Warrior Nun renewed. In fact, a number of fans erected huge billboards around the world, trying to save their favorite show. What many fans loved was the fact that the series featured diversity.

In the past, subscribers have slammed Netflix for canceling other popular shows revealing diversity in their cast, including The Society, Spinning Out, I Am Not Okay With This and GLOW.

What Netflix should also bear in mind is that subscribers who are new to a series have recently started to search on Google to find out if a particular show has been renewed. As soon as they see the word “canceled” they skip the show, not wanting to sit and be faced with a cliffhanger.

It would be interesting to note how many subscribers dropped the streamer following the controversy, as this fan did:

Readers, what is your reaction to Netflix’s controversial Instagram Story? Do you think they have taken things too far to try and be funny?

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