Most Toxic Soap Couple Of 2022: General Hospital’s Elizabeth And Finn

General Hospital - Elizabeth WebberGeneral Hospital might have thought it had the perfect pair in mind when it decided to kill off Franco Baldwin for no apparent reason and put his widow, Elizabeth Webber, into a new relationship with Hamilton Finn before we could blink. The show could not have been more wrong.

General Hospital Spoilers – No Chemistry Was Only Part Of The Problem

When it first became apparent that Liz and Finn were supposed to be the next ‘it’ couple, fans were still smarting over the death of Franco (Roger Howarth), but we were willing to give it a chance. However, it became pretty apparent rather quickly that Michael Easton and Rebecca Herbst had no chemistry.

They came together because Finn accidentally pushed Peter August (Wes Ramsey) down the stairs. Medical professionals that they are, they declared him dead when he wasn’t and then thought they were hiding the body in the freezer for months, but Peter had escaped. That was certainly not the basis for romance, but it was what we got and thankfully, GH took things slow.

GH Spoilers – 2022 Brought Us Quite A GH Mess

Finn and Liz’s relationship building was so slow that we never even saw them go out on a date, but suddenly Finn was in love with Liz and obsessed with everything she did. When she seemed to have a stalker, he moved into her house, he took over her life, and he decided who could and couldn’t visit her. To protect her, of course.

Then, all we did was hear about Finn’s man pain for months on end because he wasn’t getting anywhere with Elizabeth. She even asked him to stay away when she committed herself to Shadybrook to seek mental help and he didn’t listen. There he was, demanding that she see him when she didn’t really want to. When she was released and clearly still not ok, Finn didn’t care as he did his best to try to get her to sleep with him.

Now that they are no more, GH seems to want us to feel Finn’s pain, but all we can feel is the relief that the soap seems to have come to its senses and won’t subject us to this non-couple together anymore. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see Finn and Elizabeth live separate lives.

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