Mama June’s Daughter Admits To Facing Financial Crunch Despite TV Earnings

Mama June Currently, both Alana Thompson and Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Effird are part of a new spinoff show with WETV. Yet, Lauryn admitted that things are now going the right way for her. Despite her earnings from Mama June: Family Crisis, she is still struggling to pay her bills. So, why is Pumpkin having a financial crisis? Keep reading to find out the details!

Mama June’s – Daughter Has A Startling Confession To Share With Fans.

In her latest TikTok Live, Lauryn got candid about her money issues and revealed she is only living paycheck to paycheck. This comes after the 23-year-old slammed critics in another video for claiming that her family was broke. However, fans’ assumptions have come true as they are now hearing the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.

With four kids to take care of and being a legal guardian to her sister Alana, Pumpkin surely is grappling to make ends meet. Earlier this week, her car was almost repossessed for non-payment, after which she admitted that she was overdue with payments.

Although in her TikTok clip, she didn’t ask fans for help directly, she did share her PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo usernames hoping for some donations.

Surely enough, fans jumped in to help the young mother, and as the TikTok Live ended, she had received $1000 in donations from fans. Not just that, several fans insisted that they could also help her with diapers and formula for her kids.

While Pumpkin seemed fine with sharing her dilemma with fans in the video, she revealed that her husband doesn’t feel as comfortable with the arrangement.The TV star revealed that Josh is working on several jobs currently.Yet, he is unable to keep one for a long time which has been the root cause of their financial woes.

Mama June – Pumpkin (Lauryn Efird) Admitted That Josh Efird Does Want Help From Their Fans And Followers.

However, he also wishes to do things by himself and try to make a living on his own. Josh even seemed irritated at his wife’s plea for help from fans and left the house, insisting that she return the money to fans who donated it in the first place. However, it is unclear if she returned the same.

Apart from asking for financial help from fans, she has also been selling parenting tips to her fans at $15 each on her Fanbasis account.
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