Mama June Family Crisis: Has Alana Thompson Been Kicked Out Of College?

Alana Thompson finally told Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird that she had decided what college to apply to when Pumpkin kept pushing her to apply to college. Alana wanted to go to Nursing School and applied to one school, Regis University. Alana believed this has the best Nursing program in the country. Alana left for School at the end of July.

Dralin Carswell – Moved With Alana Thompson

Regis is located in Colorado so for “security reasons”, Dralin moved with Alana and they had off-campus housing. Of course, Pumpkin documented Alana saying goodbye to everyone and leaving for college.

Later, Pumpkin broke down because she hated to see her sister leave. On the other hand, Pumpkin was so proud of Alana for choosing a college and trying to do better for herself.

Mama June Family Crisis: Has Alana Thompson Been Kicked Out Of College?For Pumpkin, this was just like one of her children moving away since she has had custody of Alana for years. Pumpkin still wasn’t happy with Alana being so far away.

Dralin living with Alana would give Pumpkin some peace of mind. After all, Alana would not be in a strange city in another state alone and attending school.

Mama June  – Has Alana Thompson Been Kicked Out Of College

Alana admitted to being stressed not long after she began classes. Of course, living with her boyfriend could certainly cause stress when in nursing classes.

Nursing school is difficult at best even when living on campus and having a roommate. Living with your significant other in a completely new situation would make that so much more difficult.

Pumpkin recently posted that she had some personal stuff going on and shouldn’t be live. Pumpkin also mentioned that Alana was with her that night leaving fans to question if Alana had returned home.

Has Alana been kicked out of college or perhaps left college? Things seemed like they would be okay but fans feel that this question is being avoided.

Mama June  – Did Alana Thompson Get The Help She Needed?

Alana was having problems with Chemistry at one point but she was having trouble trying to find a tutor. Did Alana find the help she needed?

Right now, everything seems to be hush-hush about Alana’s visit. Did Alana come home and bail on school after just a few months there? Will Alana make her dream of being a nurse come true?

Perhaps nothing is being released because Alana’s college issues could be a huge part of the new season. The family has a great deal going on right now that may be part of their clause that cannot be discussed.

Will fans get an update from Alana soon? Does Dralin’s charges from his previous arrest have anything to do with the silence. Hopefully, fans will get some insight soon.

Keep checking back for all of your Mama June news and spoilers. Mama June can be seen on Fridays on WeTv during the season and can be seen streaming as well.

Check back for updates on when the new season begins.

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