Little People Big World Tori Roloff Slams Her Sister-In-law Audrey, Family Feud Rages

Little People Big WorldLittle People Big World star Tori Roloff seemingly shaded her sister-in-law Audrey on social media after she posted the photos from their Disneyland trip. In a comment under Audrey’s post, Tori wrote: “You just need to stop! You’re making us all look bad.” It looks like Tori was not too happy with how much fun Audrey and her family were having at Disneyland.

Fans of Little People, Big World quickly jumped in to respond to Tori’s comment and many felt that it was uncalled for as they argued that it is perfectly normal for families to enjoy vacations together.

Others suggested that maybe there is some underlying tension between the two women or perhaps even jealousy over who got more attention while at Disneyland.

Tori Roloff – It Was A Moment That Brought Smiles To The Faces Of Audrey And Jeremy Roloff’s Fans.

But it also sparked some friendly competition between Audrey and her sister-in-law Tori, who is married to Jeremy’s brother Zach.Fans in the comments section noted that Zach and Tori had just gone to Disneyland weeks ago.

You see, Tori had recently taken her own family on a trip to Disneyland just weeks before Audrey shared the news of their upcoming adventure.Naturally, some fans accused Audrey of copying her sister-in-law – but she wasn’t having any of it!

When one fan commented “you copied your sis-in-law,” with an eye roll emoji attached for good measure; Tori was quick to jump into the conversation with “So you get it now eh??” followed by several laughing emojis. To which AUDREY simply replied “@toriroloff lol” accompanied by yet another laughing face emoji!

Tori Roloff – The Exchange Showed Us All How Close These Two Sisters-In-Law Really Are – Despite Being Separated By Miles.

They clearly enjoy teasing each other about everything from trips away together as families right down to what they wear on Instagram stories or posts online!

Audrey had a plan in mind when she asked her friends if they wanted to go meet Mickey Mouse and the princesses. She knew that their enthusiasm for Disney would be enough to spark some excitement among the crew, especially with Ember leading the way!

It’s funny how quickly we can spot patterns from our favorite influencers on social media, but at least this time around everyone got an extra dose of Disney magic out of it!

Whatever the case may be we can only hope this doesn’t cause any further drama within this already close-knit family! Come here again for more Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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