Little People, Big World Spoilers: Is Audrey Roloff Controlling Her Husband?

Audrey RoloffLittle People, Big World spoilers reveal that there are some fans who think that Audrey Roloff is controlling her husband, Jeremy. This all came up while they were on their ski trip. She shared some photos of him skiing and fans were shocked by what she said about him.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – The Ski Trip

Of course, as soon as fans noticed that the Roloffs were on another expensive trip, they were pretty shocked. They literally just got back from Disneyland and fans are curious about where their money comes from. This trip seems to be even more expensive.

The resort in Utah, where they stayed, is actually about $2,000 a night! Of course, some fans feel that this is a complete waste of money, but they have no reservations about showing it off.

In one of Audrey’s posts, however, she made her fans a little upset by what she said about her husband. She shared some photos of him skiing and one of him crashing.

She wrote, “When you grow up skiing and then teach your husband so you can go on ski trips and not be waiting around.” It turns out that Jeremy has always loved to snowboard, but Audrey felt the need to teach him to ski.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Why Can’t Jeremy Roloff Do What He Wants?

As soon as her fans saw this post, they were quick to jump in on how Audrey treats her husband. One wrote, “It’s quite controlling that she wouldn’t let him snowboard. I’m a skier with a snowboarder husband, and I can’t imagine one of us forcing the other to switch to a hobby we enjoyed and are good at.

The beauty is doing it together.” Another added, “Audrey obviously doesn’t want to show him doing something better than her.”

Another wrote, “Audrey puts Jeremy down and shows him failing at something to give herself more credit for doing what he can’t. Why does she have to be so controlling and one-up him with everything? Let the man live and do what he enjoys! She always has to show off.”

Of course, fans have seen her do this before. Audrey tries her best to show off everything that she excels in. From the looks of it, she doesn’t mind showing her husband falling while skiing, but what would happen if he shared the same pictures of her?

Fans would love to see that happen just to see how she would react! Keep an eye on Audrey and Jeremy on their Instagram accounts.

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