Lindsie Chrisley Says Younger Sister Savannah Doesn’t Want To Contact Her Privately To Discuss Things

Lindsie Chrisley is done letting Savannah, 26, only share her version of events. In a recent podcast appearance, the former reality TV alum addressed several things that Savannah has accused her of, including how she treats her step-mom Julie Chrisley.

Lindsie Chrisley – Addresses The Family’s Fight Over A Bingo Card

Lindsie Chrisley is setting records straight about the big argument that led to her and younger half-sister Savannah not being on speaking terms.

On Thursday’s episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, the 34-year-old shared the reason she isn’t on speaking terms with Savannah.

Lindsie Chrisley Says Younger Sister Savannah Doesn't Want To Contact Her Privately To Discuss ThingsThis is coming after she blocked her siblings from seeing her social media content after there was some uproar around a family bingo card that seemingly mocked the family, which she shared with fans on social media.

“I understand emotions are high and everybody doesn’t deal with things the same way,” Lindsie shared. “It wasn’t meant to be rude. It wasn’t meant to be mean. It was, I’m going to address this because it’s all over the Internet so I will remove it, but also remove yourself.”

She, however, noted that she’s not feuding with Savannah, adding that Savannah “knows how to get ahold of me if she wants to work this out privately, which it seems she does not.”

She also commented on claims that their father Todd Chrisley’s prison sentence affected Savannah more than it did she, as she explained that grief is not a competition.

“While I was not a part of my parents’ life in the same capacity, there’s still a loss. You can’t say, ‘Oh well, my loss is greater than your loss or your loss is greater than my loss.’ That doesn’t really apply here.”

Lindsie Chrisley  – Slams Savannah For Commenting Wrongly On Her Relationship With Step-Mom Julie Chrisley

One of the major claims Savannah made on The Viall Files was that Lindsie and eldest brother Kyle didn’t return mom Julie Chrisley’s tender love for them.

“My mom always treated them as if they were hers. They didn’t necessarily treat her the same,” Savannah said at the time of Kyle and Lindsie, both of whom dad Todd shares with ex-wife Teressa Terry. Todd split from Lindsie and Kyle’s mother in 1996.

In her defense, Lindsie pointed out that she has her own mother and was never going to place Julie in the same ranking as her mother.

“It shows just a complete lack of empathy, but also just a lack of awareness,” she explained. “You didn’t have parents that were divorced or went through toxic co-parenting and hate each other.

“It doesn’t mean that I didn’t love [Julie]. And I said on a previous episode, she could have hung the moon, but she still wasn’t my mother,” she added. “I still had exposure to my mother.”

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