Jinger Vuolo Reunites With Duggars

Jinger Vuolo Counting On star Jinger Vuolo has been doing the press rounds promoting her new memoir, and she managed to squeeze a Duggar Family reunion in to her itinerary.

Jinger Vuolo released a new book titled Becoming Free Indeed, and threw some major shade at the Duggar’s church, the Institute of Basic Life Principles.  The IBLP has been under fire for years for their strict beliefs and questionable teachings.  It’s pretty clear Jinger has joined most of her siblings and left the cult-like church.

Jinger Vuolo – Visits Duggars In Arkansas

Despite all of the shade Jinger has thrown at Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar’s church, plus the drama surrounding her brother Josh Duggar and his recent child porn sentencing, Vuolo still stopped in Arkansas to see her family.  Joy-Anna Forsyth and some of her sisters shared videos of Jinger’s reunion, and in one snap she is even hugging her mom Michelle Duggar.

It appears that the Duggars are totally cool with their daughter Jinger exposing their shady church and questionable parenting choices.  But, appearances may be deceiving.  Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar have received a lot of heat for how they handled Josh Duggar’s molestation accusations against his own sisters.  Shunning one of the victims, their own daughter, would be nail in their proverbial coffins.

Is Jinger Vuolo Using Her Family To Promote Her Book

But, you also have to wonder how genuine Jinger is being as well.  She clearly has a lot of animosity toward her parents over her childhood in the Institute of Basic Life Principles.  And a lot of trauma from the incidents with her brother Josh Duggar, and we can all agree that also was a major Duggar parenting fail.  So, why is she reuniting with her family and acting as if everything is water under the bridge.  Either Jinger Vuolo is truly a saint, or a very clever undercover marketing genius.

Do you think it is strange that Jinger Vuolo and the Duggar Family are on good terms right now?  Or is the big family reunion just a PR gimmick?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and check back here for more Duggar news and updates.

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