How Old Is Nikki Newman On The Young & The Restless?

As the Young and the Restless (Y&R) continues to celebrate 50 incredible years on daytime television, it’s hard not to reflect on some of the legacy characters that built the soap into what it is today. Nikki Newman is someone who has been with the show for a very long time, entering storylines in 1978.

While actress Melody Thomas Scott is well-known for her portrayal of Victor Newman’s wife and number one love interest, actress Erica Hope first played Nikki in 1978, exiting the show in 1979. Melody was recast in the role and the rest is history.

The Young & The Restless Spoilers – Nikki Newman, Over The Years

Nikki is a mother, grandmother, and in some ways, acting great-grandmother to little Harrison Abbott (Kellen Enriquez); she’s a businesswoman, a wife, and a philanthropist in Genoa City.

How Old Is Nikki Newman On The Young & The Restless?

As one of the head honchos at Newman, she’s currently CEO of Newman Media and has incredible business savvy. She is an accomplished pianist and horseback rider, so it’s hard to believe that her origins with the show include being in a prostitution ring, a cult, and a stripper.

Nikki’s childhood wasn’t the best, so the fact that she was able to push aside all that negativity and become one of GC’s most respected women is a tribute to Ms. Newman’s perseverance.

Y&R Spoilers – Just How Old Is Nikki Newman?

Like anything else in the land of soaps, it’s hard to pinpoint timelines. After all, a major event within 24 hours can unfold over a week, while a character that was running around playing with toys one day can be SORASed into a teen the next.

When Nikki entered the canvas in 1979, she was 17 years old. This would make her birthday year 1962, which means she’s 61 years of age; however, an old episode revealed Nikki celebrated her fifth birthday in 1965, which would make her birth year 1960, meaning she’s actually 63.

Interestingly enough, one longtime episode listed her birthday as June 1st, 1960, but in 2013, Nikki celebrated her birthday in April.

Regardless, GC wouldn’t be GC without Nikki Newman! What are your favorite Nikki moments? Share your thoughts below.

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