GH Spoilers: Nina Iced Out, Carly Welcomed Into Sonny And Ava’s Fold

General Hospital spoilers indicate Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has done a fairly good job over the years of keeping his lovers and former flames cordial and cordoned off — out of each other’s way.

Sooner or later, that was bound to blow up in his face. Now that he and Ava Jerome (Maura West) are sharing a major secret — that she axed her ex, Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) — it’s only a matter of time before the other women in his life start wondering what’s up.

It’s not typical for Sonny and Ava to spend so much time alone together, but Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) won’t be worried he’s stepping out on her.

General Hospital: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

Still, it’s not going to rub her the right way when she realizes her beau and her bestie are keeping a secret from her, but that won’t compare to the fury she feels when she learns Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) is in on it and she’s not!

General Hospital Spoilers — Sonny Corinthos And Ava Jerome Are Up to Something

Ava is in quite a pickle, isn’t she? She never thought she would find herself revealing the truth about whacking Nikolas to Sonny.

But she felt she had no choice, and she needed his help to keep everyone she loves safe from harm.

The Gatlin’s seem to be responsible for a lot of danger and Ava has no idea who they really are or what they want from her.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Sonny’s suspicions about Betty Rutherford (Ella Lentini) and Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) are only going to make things worse.

It’s a tangled web of secrets and deceit, and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) won’t be happy when she finds out about the whispered conversations and hushed meetings behind her back.

This won’t set the stage for a very blissful happily ever after.

GH Spoilers – Leak Carly Spencer Corners Her Ex

Nina is in for a tough situation when she learns that her fiancé has been seeing her best friend in secret.

However, the real blow will come when she discovers that he has no plans of telling her what’s going on between him and her friend – and when that information comes to her by way of Carly, of all people.

She will be left to ponder why Sonny would keep such a secret from her and not confide in her. This is going to make Nina’s blood boil.

Knowing Sonny doesn’t trust her the same way he trusts Ava and Carly is going to leave Nina wondering if he’s really ready to get married — at least to her.

However, she knows she can’t overreact and has to keep a level head in such a tense situation.

General Hospital Spoilers — Nina Reeves Gets The Cold Shoulder

Nina may attempt to uncover the truth, but unfortunately for her, it will seem futile. It’s a very awkward situation for anyone to be in, let alone someone who is supposed to be preparing to walk down the aisle and marry this man.

Being left out of the loop and treated like an outcast will only worsen her already existing anxiety — and we all know how Nina gets when she’s paranoid that everything is going to fall apart.

Keep checking back with us for more GH news and spoilers to see how this pans out.

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