GH Spoilers: Nikolas’ Devious Plot, Frame Ava For Murdering Austin

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and rumors tease Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) may have come up with a devious plot to frame Ava Jerome (Maura West).

He may have found out she and his “savior” Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) had an affair, and is out for revenge-framing Ava for murdering Austin!

General Hospital Spoilers – Austin Gatlin-Holt Knew His Killer

There are several reasons to suspect Nikolas was Austin’s killer-for one thing, Austin was surprised to see him; he wanted to know what he was doing there.

As far as Austin knew, Nikolas was still in Europe and he would have had a key to the house in Pautauk where Austin was hiding him as he recovered.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas’ Devious Plot, Frame Ava For Murdering Austin, Kills Two Birds With One Stone?Nikolas would have had reason to be upset and jealous even though he and Ava were divorced before she “killed” him, it was obvious he reacted to Austin mentioning her name.

Right before he left for Europe and mentioned the “family reunion” her name came up between Nikolas and Austin.

It was plain that he wasn’t as over Ava as he claimed-he didn’t want to lose her when she threw that gargoyle at his head!

GH Spoilers  Over A Year “Dead”

Nikolas has been “dead” over a year, having disappeared right after Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) resurfaced after jumping from the tower where he had her imprisoned-pregnant and amnesiac.

He had tried to force her to sign the baby over when she was in Spring Ridge, and tried to hire Carolyn Webber (Denise Crosby) to permanently repress her memories.

He knew she could because that’s what she had done to Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) about her pushing Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) wife down a flight of stairs as a teenager.

Nikolas had wanted Ava back and when she wouldn’t forgive him, he threatened to take Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Ava and Grace Scarola) and that’s when Ava threw the gargoyle at his head.

General Hospital Spoilers – Betrayal Doubled

Nikolas had some important things to do in Europe, although a “family reunion” didn’t exactly happen-he did okay for his Swiss banker to let his mother know he was alive.

He must have found out his mother, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) and Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) were looking for him; his banker, who was a longtime friend of Laura told her.

He made several large cash withdrawals and around the same time, it was revealed there was an anonymous cash buyer for Wyndemere.

Doubly betrayed finding out Ava and Austin were romantically involved-perhaps contacted by Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) Nikolas could have formed a devious plot.

He could have sent the “reverse thank you card” with a photo of Austin dead to Ava, knowing it would incriminate her-framing her for Austin’s murder.

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