GH Spoilers: Jordan Will Be Itching To Spill The Beans When Portia Cheers Over Curtis’ Return Home

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Jordan Ashford will get the shock of her life when she hears the news of her ex-husband, Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), returning home to be with his new wife, Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr). Confused yet? This revelation hits Jordan hard as she had been hoping to patch things up with her ex-hubs and atone for her past mistakes.

However, the news of Curtis moving back with Portia has brought back all of Jordan’s heartache, and she is left wondering if Curtis still loves her or not after riding a high following a passionate kiss they recently shared.

As the drama continues to unravel, Curtis will have to make up his mind about who he wants to be with — particularly before Jordan gives up on their relationship for good. Of course, Portia will be in the dark the entire time — believing he’s home to fix things, not finish them. Will Jordan let her live in that bubble?

General Hospital Spoilers — Portia Robinson Is Over The Moon

Portia couldn’t be happier. After months of wondering if she would ever get a shot at making things work with her daughter, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali), and husband, Curtis, both have come back around. Trina is working toward mending her relationship with Portia and forgiving her for her lies.

It’s going to take time, but Portia is so happy to have Curtis back home and supporting them both — especially in light of finding out Trina is his biological daughter. When Portia apologizes to Jordan and thanks her again for all of her help and support along the way, it’s going to be hard for Jordan to digest Portia’s happiness at her own expense.

GH Spoilers – Suggest Jordan Ashford Doesn’t Feign Excitement Well

Portia doesn’t know Jordan well enough to see through her the way Curtis will, but running into them as a married couple who lives together again is going to sting for Jordan, who will be headed home alone. Should she have taken Curtis up on his offer the other night to leave The Savoy — together?

Would any of this be happening now if she had? Did he only go back to Portia because Jordan didn’t accept him into her bed? These questions and more will plague Jordan as she tries to make sense of why Curtis went home when things were just getting good between them.

General Hospital Spoilers — Curtis Ashford Is Crippled

Curtis won’t know what to say to make things better because there is nothing he can say. He walked out on his marriage to Jordan without any hope of reconciling. He thought he was done with her in that respect. When Portia came back into his life, it felt familiar and safe.

Now, Portia is the bad guy who has wrecked their lives and made him realize just how much he may not be able to trust her. Instead, it’s Jordan who feels like the warm and inviting memory Curtis is seeking. When Portia flaunts her joy unabashedly, will Jordan have the heart to tell her the truth? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead to find out.

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