GH Spoilers: Finn Has Second Thoughts, Wants Liz Back?

General Hospital - Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) General Hospital Spoilers reveal Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) will struggle with some pretty significant feelings for Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) as he begins to put the pieces together of what he really thinks happened between her and Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma). When Elizabeth told Finn she was pregnant by Nikolas, his world was turned upside down.

He knew his relationship with Elizabeth was in trouble and that she had become distant, but he still believed they were both in that relationship and wanted to be. Her sudden exit from it left him flailing in the wind trying to make sense of what had just happened. No sooner did he accept it, he found out the baby Elizbeth claimed to have been having with Nikolas was no more, and with the of the alleged child went their alleged affair. With Nik and Liz’s supposed love affair in the past, is there room for Liz and Finn to start again?

General Hospital Spoilers — Elizabeth Baldwin Never Cheated

According to General Hospital spoilers, Finn hears that Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) is in the hospital being treated for hypothermia, he’s going to take interest in her case merely because she posed such a threat to both Elizabeth and her son, Cameron ‘Cam’ Webber (William Lipton).

When he discovers Esme is pregnant and that the police have no idea where she’s been hiding out these past several weeks, things will take a turn for the worst. Finn is going to become curious about whether or not those prenatal vitamins Elizabeth was carting off to Nikolas’ place were never for her in the first place, but for Esme. He doesn’t want to think Elizabeth would lie about such a thing, but this theory is going to start to make more sense to Finn than the lie she fed him. Furthermore, if Elizabeth was never pregnant, it may mean she never cheated on him after all.

GH Spoilers – Tease But She Did Lie

Elizabeth has told so many lies that she can hardly see straight or keep them going without putting her whole story in jeopardy. When she bumped into Finn on the Haunted Star during Britt Westbourne’s (Kelly Thiebaud) birthday party, it was clear she wanted to come clean with him — but she could only reveal so much without risking everything. Although Elizabeth may not have been canoodling with Nikolas, it doesn’t change the fact that she lied to Finn and let him believe otherwise, knowing how much that would hurt him and that their relationship would be over. Was she just looking for an out?

General Hospital Spoilers — Is the Damage Done?

It may be too little too late to recover anything from this relationship at this point. Is this really how happily ever after stories start out? Not usually, but this is Port Charles, after all. Still, Elizabeth isn’t done lying to Finn and everyone else. She and Nikolas are going to have to come up with something good to cover themselves from what could ensue now that Esme is alive and talking to the police. What lies ahead for them is anyone’s guess, and it’s likely Elizabeth won’t feel it’s appropriate to involve Finn and drag him into the mess she’s made. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead.

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