GH Spoilers: Charlotte Turns On Victor, Realizes Victor Kidnapped Her

General Hospital - Charlotte Cassadine (Amelie McClain)General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Charlotte Cassadine (Amelie McClain) will be the next Cassadine to turn on Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) recently rescued Charlotte from boarding school with the help of Laura Collins (Genie Francis).

General Hospital Spoilers – Victor Cassadine Kidnapped Charlotte Cassadine Months Ago

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Victor Cassadine kidnapped Charlotte to control Valentin months ago. Victor sent Charlotte away to boarding school and ensured Valentin had no access to her. Valentin had to do several evil things while Victor had Charlotte. Valentin had Laura Collin’s (Genie Francis) aging mother’s house burned.

Victor constantly threatened to harm Charlotte if Valentin didn’t do what he wanted. Valentin had to do whatever he could to ensure his daughter was okay. Charlotte was allowed minimal contact with her father while in boarding school. In all honesty, Charlotte may have wondered at times if her father wanted to talk to her at all.

GH Spoilers – Laura Collins Had To Intervene

Valentin and Anna Devan (Finola Hughes) finally located Charlotte and saved her from the boarding school. However, Laura and her husband, Kevin Collins, also had to help. Valentin and Charlotte were assigned guards, and Kevin helped to work around them. Laura finally got Charlotte back into the United States, where she could protect her.

Valentin is going on yet another mission, and Charlotte must wonder why. Charlotte was not accustomed to spending time away from Valentin and could put all of this together and lead herself to Victor. Charlotte may want to know where her father is and why she hasn’t seen him. Perhaps Charlotte hears something that helps her put the pieces together and confronts Victor.

GH Spoilers – Charlotte Cassadine Confronts Victor Cassadine

Charlotte has been staying with Laura and could overhear Laura and Kevin talking. No one told Charlotte about what her grandfather had done. Charlotte could have put the pieces together on her own. She likely overheard a conversation that led to the conclusion that Victor kidnapped her instead of just shipping her off to school.

Charlotte is furious that Victor has used her against her father. Charlotte new sees that Victor used her, and she is done with him. Charlotte and her father have been through enough. Charlotte has always adored her father, and anyone coming between them just is not going to work. Victor will be highly disappointed, but it is time for him to get out of her life and stay out. Valentin has completely blown any future relationship he could have with Charlotte.

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