GH Spoilers: Amy’s Truth, Elizabeth’s Regret-Amy Ruins Finn’s Career With Her Testimony?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease Nurse Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken) could make Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) regret telling her to tell the truth!

Amy’s truthful testimony could make or break Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) malpractice case since she was Mr. Muldoon’s (uncast) nurse.

General Hospital Spoilers – Amy Driscoll Has To Testify

Amy was asking questions about Finn’s malpractice case not because it was juicy gossip, but because she has to testify at the deposition, and her testimony could affect everyone at GH.

The malpractice suit is not just against Finn personally, although that was offered as an option, but against the hospital-and Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) chose to back Finn.

General Hospital Spoilers: Amy’s Truth, Elizabeth’s Regret-Amy Ruins Finn’s Career With Her Testimony?Tracy Quartermaine, (Jane Elliot) also on the hospital board also agreed with Monica, so what Amy testifies could affect her as well as the hospital itself and Finn.

Amy could turn out a hero and bolster the hospital and Finn’s case depending on what she remembers and tells.

On the other hand, it could go sideways if Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) confuses her with her cross-examining tactics.

GH Spoilers – Amy Driscoll Could Remember Things Differently Than Hamilton Finn

Finn has been pretty steady in his responses and meticulous in his memories of how he handled the Muldoon case. But there’s a chance that Amy could remember things differently and cause adverse actions against him and the hospital.

What if Amy misconstrued Finn as telling Muldoon that it was okay for him to postpone the follow up tests until after he returned from his business trips?

Finn could have told him to return as soon as possible for the follow up tests but Muldoon’s idea of “as soon as possible” would have been radically different than Finn’s.

Amy could think of the phrase as being something not urgent as well, hearing the word “precaution”.

General Hospital Spoilers – Don’t Blame The Victim

Finn’s defense seems to be blaming the victim for not coming in for the follow up tests promptly, and then the cancer taking over.

It may have been difficult to see a cancer forming with a tapeworm in the way, and certain tapeworms can actually cause certain cancers.

Finn should probably cite that research but it seems his defense methods are set in stone now.

There is a lot riding on Amy’s testimony for both Finn and for GH, and if Amy remembers anything differently or misunderstood anything said to Muldoon she could tank the case!

No wonder Amy was so nervous she wanted to find out as much as possible about the malpractice case she has to testify at!

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