Get To Know Princess Diana’s Childhood!

Princess Diana may have been the brightest light to burn in the Spencer family, but she did grow up with three siblings, two of them older sisters. Interested in knowing more about the iconic royal’s heritage? Here we break it down for you, even the myths!

Princess Diana’s Parents Divorced When She Was Still A Child

Princess Diana was one of five children born to parents John Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd.

She grew up with two older sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes, and a younger brother Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer.

She also had an older brother, John Spencer, who sadly died a mere hours after his birth.

Get To Know Princess Diana's Childhood!

Since the royal’s tragic accident in 1997, Sarah and Jane have lived relatively private lives, rarely giving interviews and appearing on camera.

However, her younger brother Charles has taken it upon himself to protect her legacy and sometimes remove the myth from reality. You know that one that tags Diana as a “shy person?” Yeah, he debunked that too.

In what would have been her 60th birthday in July 2021, all of Diana’s siblings joined her two sons, Prince William and Harry, to unveil an honorary statue dedicated to Diana’s memory and her charitable efforts.

If we went further back in time to 1954, Princess Diana’s parents would be getting married and welcoming a baby girl, Sarah, a year later.

Their second child followed in 1957. Diana was born in 1961 and Charles followed in 1964. In 1969, John and Frances divorced and John was given the sole custody of the children.

According to Charles, their parents’ divorce was a topic they dwelled on much as children.

Diana and I had two older sisters who were away at school, so she and I were very much in it together and I did talk to her about it,”

Charles told The Sunday Times in 2020 of his parents’ split. “Our father was a quiet and constant source of love, but our mother wasn’t cut out for maternity. Not her fault, she couldn’t do it. She was in love with someone else — infatuated, really.”

Charles Spencer Calls Diana “Clever” And “Never Shy”

In 2017, Prince Charles told PEOPLE that there were many untrue rumors surrounding Diana’s image and did his best to set some of them straight.

“First of all, none of us ever called her ‘Di’ at home. In fact, there are so many myths from our childhood that are just so ridiculous. That’s one of them,” he told PEOPLE.

“I just think she was never shy, but she was canny about people and she was reserved to start with. And she would take a judgment of somebody before reacting to them. So, that’s not shy … that’s actually quite clever.”

He also remembered that she was “brave” even as a child.

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