General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Pops The Question! Will Liz Say Yes?

General Hospital spoilers report Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) has had a hard time in the love department over the years. The only person he used to believe would be a constant in his life was his little girl, Violet Finn (Jophielle Love).

Through time and commitment to right his own wrongs, Finn has allowed his brother — Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) — into his life, alongside their father, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison).

Now, he’s slated to lose a piece of the happy family sooner than expected, and it’s making Finn look at life and the people he loves as more precious. He wants to make the most of the time they all have left, and it turns out that may mean taking a pretty big step in his relationship with Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst).

General Hospital Spoilers — Caught Up In The Moment

Word on the street is Finn is going to ask Elizabeth to be his wifey. We’re hoping he pulls out all the stops and gets down on one knee, but it’s probably best if he reserves the locker room showers for afterward.

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Pops The Question! Will Liz Say Yes?Elizabeth hasn’t had a single complaint about Finn since they coupled back up. Suddenly, she’s ready for everything he was earlier this year when she abandoned the guy.

Does that mean she’ll also be ready for the next step — becoming a doctor’s wife? It sounds like it’s going to happen.

GH Spoilers – Report Gregory Chase’s Condition Worsens

Alongside their happy news — which this family is in desperate need of — Gregory’s fight with ALS is reportedly going to start ramping up.

As he appears to be losing time faster than anyone expected with this degenerative disease, it may lead Finn to feel he should bump up the wedding plans and let them take center stage.

What better way to bring his pops some joy in his final days than to have the wedding when he can still remember it and be a part of it?

General Hospital Spoilers — Liz Baldwin May Come To Question Finn’s Intentions

Finn’s desire to make their wedding all about Gregory might not hit Elizabeth right away as anything more than him loving his dad and wanting to give this back to their family.

As time goes on and she realizes how much more of Finn’s focus is on his dad than the wedding, Elizabeth might start to wonder if the whole reason Finn asked her to marry him was so that he could spark this joy for his dying father — not so he could spend the rest of his life with her. Yikes!

Keep checking back with us for more GH news and spoilers to see how this plotline develops.

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