General Hospital Spoilers: Blaze’s Confession Worries Chase For BLQ’s Safety

General Hospital - Blaze (Jacqueline Lopez) General Hospital Spoilers reveal Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) might think twice about his relationship with Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) soon when he realizes just how much she still needs his help and support. Even though their romantic relationship is over, Chase does still care about Brook Lynn and would never want anything but the best for her.

He’s just sorry she didn’t truly want that for him while she was smiling to his face and sabotaging his career with the PCPD behind his back. Enough of that though; Chase is going to find out how much he still cares about Brook Lynn when Blaze (Jacqueline Lopez) shares a little too much with Chase that gets him all worked up.

General Hospital Spoilers — Blaze’s Confession Stirs Up Emotion

When Chase and Blaze reconnect before their next performance, they might have time to chat about Blaze’s latest travels and work in the industry. She’s been doing a lot more promotion and performing than Chase, but this is her true passion and what she wants to do with her life.

At this point, Chase is just fulfilling his contract so he doesn’t leave Brook Lynn in the lurch with Linc Brown (Dan Buran). Still, that doesn’t mean he’s left her in a good space, and Blaze will remind him of that as he sees how uncomfortable Linc makes her and the depths she’s stooped to for his help.

GH Spoilers – Hint Brook Lynn Quartermaine Is Back In Linc Brown’s Clutches

General Hospital spoilers show Chase isn’t new to Linc’s style; he loves to make these young wannabe pop stars feel indebted to him and like they can’t get anywhere without him. For some of them, that’s probably true, because he will smear their reputation if they don’t jump on board with everything he wants. Blaze’s interactions with Linc will ruffle Chase’s feathers and it just might get his attention back on Brook Lynn more than he will ever admit to her.

General Hospital Spoilers — Harrison Chase Can’t Stay Away

All this time, Brook Lynn thought she needed to devise strategic traps to get Chase to pay attention to her, but he sees right through all of that. Still, when Chase recognizes that Brook Lynn is in real trouble, he’s going to be there to ensure she’s safe, whether she likes it or not. Who are we kidding? Of course she’ll like it! We can’t say the same for Linc, who just might end up behind bars before Chase is done with him. Could this score him some brownie points with getting back on this force? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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