Fans React As Savannah & Chase Chrisley Get Toxic About Emmy Medders

Chrisley Knows Best alum Chase Chrisley split from Emmy Medders and he and his sister, Savannah talked about it on her Unlocked podcast on September 5. Many USA Network fans felt shocked because it seemed very toxic. Naturally, they reacted to it on social media.

Chase Chrisley – Got Engaged Before Todd & Julie Chrisley Went To Prison

The couple dated before, and they talked about marrying. However, Julie didn’t like the idea of her son marrying. At the time, she said on their Confessions podcast that she felt he was way too young for all of the commitment. Since then, she and her husband went to serve their prison sentences for fraud and tax-related offenses.

Later, the couple hooked up again, and fans were surprised to see that Chase Chrisley proposed to Emmy in a stadium. The whole family went along to witness the moment. Todd and Julie hadn’t started their prison sentences yet, but it loomed close in their future. Some fans thought they got engaged because if they delayed it, his parents would miss a special memory.

Fans React As Savannah & Chase Chrisley Get Toxic About Emmy Medders

Chase Chrisley – Split Suddenly But Delayed Talking About It

At one stage, USA Network fans thought the couple might have married secretly. However, it turned out that they were going through problems. Perhaps it was the stress of the Chrisley Knows Best parents being in prison. However, in a toxic podcast, it seems that’s not the case. Savannah and her brother went to town slamming his former fiance, and viewers didn’t like that.

Chase Chrisley Disses Emmy With Savannah
Unlocked Savannah / YouTube

Chase Chrisley and his sister were discussed on R/Chrisleyjknowsprison on Reddit after their discussion which aired on YouTube and folks expressed their shock. In a long post, Redditor u/Right_Ad5936 said, in part, “Wow is all I can say. Did anyone listen to it? They definitely didn’t hold back. The way Chase spoke about Emmy was wild. He literally said “I will never put a girl on again.” 

USA Network alum Chase disses Emmy Medders with Savannah
u/Right_Ad5936 / Reddit

Other toxic things arrived, but possibly, the worst thing was when he said, that  “[there’s] nothing [worse] than dating ‘broke chicks.” 

Chase Chrisley – Fans React

Savannah talked in a nasty way about the former fiance of Chase Chrisley. The poster noted that she “…threw shade about Emmy claiming to be self made. Everyone that dates them continues [to make] a lot of money even after they breakup. They both said that won’t happen again lol ok ?…”

Unimpressed people in the community had a lot to say about it. One of them wrote, “Broke chicks…The whole family are crooks from Todd side to Julie’s. Hahaha, these kids are pathetic at least Emmy family made a honest living and looks to be well off to me. Not everyone have (sic)stolen money to burn.”

Another irritated follower commented, “…they talk down on Emmy’s family and other families when criminals run in their family.”

What are your thoughts about Savannah and her brother seeming to be very toxic about Emmy Medders on the Unlocked podcast? Sound off in the comments below.

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