Duggar Family News: Jeremiah And Hannah Duggar Put Kid In Danger

Duggar Family Duggar Family News reveals that fans are terrified for Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar’s child, Brynley. Jeremiah decided to share some photos of them in a helicopter. These fans were worried because his brother, James Duggar was flying the helicopter.

This was one of his flying lessons from Jeremiah and fans were shocked that he would put his family’s lives in danger. This wouldn’t be the first time that the Duggars were in an accident in a plane and fans were freaking out.

Duggar Family News – Jeremiah Teaches Flying Lessons

In the new pictures that Jeremiah and James shared, Jeremiah was very excited to teach his little brother how to fly the helicopter. They both had headsets on and shared time-lasped videos of them flying over Arkansas and admiring the views.

James wrote, “Learning to fly has proven to be challenging, but also some of the most fun I’ve ever had. And I also have an amazing instructor.” Fans were quick to notice that Hannah was in the cockpit as well as their baby, Brynley.

This scene didn’t look good for Jeremiah. In fact, if James talked about how challenging learning to fly was, why would Jeremiah put his wife and child in danger?

What if James wasn’t doing well with his lessons? Would Jeremiah be able to take over? There are so many questions and fans wanted to know the answers too. They were quick to start in on these two.

Duggar Family News – Fans React

As soon as fans saw this post, they were quick to jump in on the Duggars. One fan wrote, “Did Jeremiah let a student fly his wife and child?” Another added, “I wish I had faith in anything as much as these guys have in cheap, second-hand single engine planes and 30 hours of flight training.” One more added, “Oh god, I was thinking the same exact thing. Only 30 hours of flight training…they’re gonna need more than Jesus to take that wheel.”

The comments kept coming in too. Another chimed in, “This is literally how entire families die. Like when a dad decides he wants to be a pilot and gets his license and then something bad happens to that little plane…”

Another critic added, “I couldn’t imagine being so irresponsible as to let a trainee fly my family. Fmaily values, my foot.” A final fan wrote, “James did get his pilot’s license back in February. Nonetheless, he’s still a new piolt and still learning. I woudln’t trust him.”

It looks as everyone is worried about James and his flying, but we hope that next time he will go without his family members’ baby!

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