Duggar Family News: Did Joy-Anna Forsyth Violate Her Child On Social Media When She Revealed Medical Information?

Duggar Family News reveals that after Joy-Anna Forsyth shared her daughter’s medical information online, some fans feel as if she has violated her daughter. In one of her newest videos, fans were shocked to learn more about Evelyn’s condition. This is something that they never thought Joy-Anna would have shared with the public. Let’s find out why fans were so shocked about this video.

Duggar Family News – The Hospital Visit

On Evelyn’s third birthday, Joy-Anna shared with her fans that she didn’t plan for this day to end up like it did. She shared on Instagram that she had to take her daughter to the hospital because she was feeling sick.

On Joy-Anna’s YouTube channel, she also shared the full video calling it, “Rushing Evelyn to the Hospital Before Her Birthday.”

Duggar Family

In the video, Joy-Anna showed the family taking Evelyn to the hospital when she had a fever. She was also having terrible stomach pains and the family was very concerned about her health.

Viewers saw Evelyn sitting in the hospital room with her mom as Joy-Anna constantly updated the camera.

Joy-Anna was terrified that something terribly wrong was happening with her child and cried a lot on camera.

Of course, fans that were watching didn’t think that it was the best idea to film everything that happened at the hospital.

Duggar Family News – What Do Fans Think?

As Joy-Anna filmed, she had a lot of her fans talk about how they felt she was ‘exploiting’ her child and trying to make money from clicks while her child was sick and suffering.

Redditors were quick to call her out on this too. One wrote, “Yeah, the amount of videos she posts of her kids sick, scared, or crying is truly off putting.” Another added, “Her bestie Carlin [Bates] probably is giving her tips after they film and exploit their children and Carlin’s seizures.”

One more Redditor wrote, “I’m sure Evie will be humiliated in the future when she finds out her mom posted about the state of her intestines for the whole world to see.”

The overall feeling from Redditors is that Joy-Anna enjoys ‘pimping out’ her children all over the internet.

Most of these Redditors felt that this is her version of click-bait and her way to try to make more money off of her family.

These fans hope that Evie is doing alright now that she is home and resting, but they would prefer if Joy-Anna kept her kids off of her YouTube channel.

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