DOOL Spoilers: Vivian Alamain Returns, Louise Sorel Back On Set

Days Of Our Lives: Vivian AlamainDays of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers state some massive news, as Vivian Alamain is set to return to Salem, and actress Louise Sorel will reprise her infamous role. Sitting down with YouTube’s Harvey Brownstone, Sorel reveals she officially returned to the Days set on Friday, March 17th.

Days Spoilers – The Return To Daytime Drama Has Been Difficult For Louise Sorel

During her interview with Brownstone, Sorel admits her return to the DOOL set has been hard, due to COVID-19 rules. She notes she was “in shock” and recalls how everyone must be tested before they enter the building. Once she received clearance, she sat in her dressing room alone for what could be “two hours” before shooting scenes.

Sorel admits that they now shoot “twice as fast” than ever before. As she’s been away for three years now, Louise notes that she felt “awful” and found herself saying sorry a lot, as the soap “loaded” her up with dialogue. Sorel also states, “it’s been a while”.

Louise does point out during the YouTube interview that it’s not only difficult for her, but all the actors, actresses, and crew as there is a “get it done, get it done” attitude on set. She had no one to blame, as she notes, “that’s just the way it is now.”

DOOL Spoilers – When Should Fans Expect To See Vivian Alamain In Salem?

Last Days fans heard from Vivian, she called Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) for an update this past January. So, what will Ms. Alamain be up to once she returns to Salem? Will she spring out of jail, or will her scenes revolve around her in prison? DOOL films up to six months ahead of time, therefore, viewers should expect Alamain to pop up sometime in the fall.

Are you excited about Louise Sorel reprising the role of Vivian Alamain? What will Viv be up to now? Share your comments on this, below! Don’t miss a moment of the drama in Salem, and tune into Days on Peacock, regularly. Plus, visit this site daily for all the latest DOOL updates and spoilers.

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