DOOL Spoilers: Is Talia Hunter’s Target Paulina Price, Sloan Petersen, Or Someone Else?

Days Of Our Lives: Talia Hunter Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers suggest more major shockers on the horizon when it comes to the storyline unraveling around Talia Hunter (Aketra Sevillian). She seemed pretty nice when she first came to town, but fans have recently learned that she has a sneaky side to her. Talia tampered with the new Sweet Bits biscuit line, which has caused major drama in Salem. She also seems to be Paulina Price’s (Jackée Harry) stalker, too. With that said, is she targeting Paulina, possibly Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty), or someone else entirely?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – So, Who Is It? Sloan Petersen Or Paulina Price?

Days spoilers suggest it may soon be revealed that Talia is working with (or for) someone, as she’ll have a “secret” meeting the week of April 24th. In addition, other teasers for that week note that Sloan will be framed for a crime she did not commit.

All arrows seem to be pointing that Ms. Petersen is the target. After all, everyone thinks that Sloan is the one stalking Paulina, which makes sense considering their history. Meanwhile, it’s hard to discount all the stress that Ms. Price is going through with the stalking she’s had to endure. Bringing Sweet Bits and her daughter Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) into the mix will also cause Paulina to worry that much more, which may take a toll on her health.

Still, fans can’t shake the feeling that this story is about to get far more complicated.

DOOL Spoilers – Plot Twist! It’s Neither Price Nor, Petersen … It’s Someone Else …

There’s nothing DOOL loves more than a good old-fashioned plot twist! So, it wouldn’t shock fans that neither Paulina nor Sloan is Talia’s target.

Maybe Chanel is. After all, Ms. Hunter seemed rather determined to work at Sweet Bits when she first arrived in town and has gotten closer to Dupree. Sweet Bits was recently targeted, plus, Chanel’s suffered some stress and worry because of Paulina’s health and anxiety. Then there’s the idea that the target is Abe Carver (James Reynold). As the mayor of the little town and Paulina’s hubby, someone may want to bring Carver down and is using his relationship with his wife and daughter against him.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Could Talia Hunter Resent Her Older Sister Jada Hunter?

Then again, maybe this has to do with revenge against Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu). Perhaps Talia has been tired of living in her older sister’s shadow all these years and is looking to bring her down. If Jada isn’t able to find the person behind these incidents or wrongfully sends Sloan to jail, her career could be over. Talia recently pointed out the chemistry between Jada and Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering); again, something that could get her sister fired. It seemed innocent at the time, but fans now know that Ms. Hunter isn’t exactly “innocent”.

Who is Talia really after? Leave your comments below! Tune into Days on Peacock daily to see how this storyline unfolds and visit this site for all the latest DOOL news and spoilers.

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