Does Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Still Shock Her Fans?

Counting On Counting On fans have watched Jill Dillard on social media and on television since September 2004. That movement arrived when a special aired called 14 Children and Pregnant Again! Of course, that later became 19 Kids and Counting, and then Counting On. Jill, born in 1991, was 13 years old when fans first saw her. Over the years, she shocked a lot of people by breaking the family rules. But, does she still shock people? Read on to find out.

Counting On Spoilers – Jill Dillard Is Extremely Popular

A few years ago, trolling on Jill’s Instagram was relentless. That is because her husband, Derick spoke about not liking TLC featuring Jazz Jennings on the network. Anyway, he started becoming more popular when he outed Jim Bob Duggar for not paying the kids. As he became a student and worked hard while bettering the lives of his family, admiration rose. By the time he stepped up to support Jill when Josh Duggar was on trial, both of them were well thought of.

Counting On fans know that when she married Derick, he never forced Jill to comply with the strict dress codes of the Institute of Basic Life Principles, (IBLP). However, TLC fans were shocked to see that she wore a nose ring. So was her dad, who gave her a difficult time about it. Later, she wore pants, and everyone was shocked. These days, she even shows her tummy or her legs on occasion.

Counting On Spoilers – When Did Counting On Jill Dillard First Wear Pants?

According to Romper, Jill first appeared in pants three years after she tied the knot with Derick. TLC fans flipped out with shock as she sported some jeans. Shock after shock followed. But, do fans still gasp in horror, faint with shock, and raise a hullabaloo about it? Six years have passed since the big jeans drama. While comments arrive quite often, there really isn’t a huge breaking news Reddit trend about it every single time she bends Jim Bob’s rules. This week, she posted up photos of her with her husband at the Stilwell Strawberry Festival in Oklahoma. One photo showed her wearing shorts!

Does Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Still Shock Her Fans
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Of course, headlines appeared about how “shocked” fans felt. But, checking out the comments, it seemed that they were more interested in the fact that the Counting On couple ate some strawberry funnel cake. Originally a medieval Persian dish, it became very popular Stateside, and most people can’t get enough of it.

Counting On Spoilers – TLC Fans Comment Without Shock

Counting On fans have seen Jill Dillard with pants, her nose ring, or displaying her legs often enough now, to not just about die from shock. In the comments section, one follower asked, “What do you plan on using all those strawberries for!!??.”

Another one said, “You look so happy! The strawberries look amazing as well, and the funnel cake looks delicious. I hope you had a wonderful time :).”

Here’s another comment; “Yumm strawberry on a funnel cake??.”

More followed like this one: “Do you have the recipe for the funnel cake? It sounds so yummy!!.”

In fact, before the spammers arrived, there really wasn’t any shock about Jill Dillard wearing shorts. Clearly, it’s old news now. Are you shocked to discover that hardly any fans feel shocked by Jill Dillard these days? Sound off in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Jill Dillard right now. Come back here often for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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