Did Meghan Markle Send Prince Harry To The UK?

Some folks think that the media was caught on the back foot when Prince Harry arrived in the UK this week. Actually, he didn’t need to be there, but he arrived and some photographers managed to get some footage and photos. Notably, his arrival was without all the lead-up fanfare that usually accompanies the couple. However, the media are all about it now, and some people wonder if Meghan sent him there and why.

Prince Harry Arrives In The Uk Amidst Paris Concerns

With all eyes on the planned visit and banquet in Paris that were on the schedule of King Charles and the Queen Concert, some folks might have missed that his youngest son flew into the UK. Now, it’s not clear where or when the banquet will be held given the riots in France. But, did Meghan Markle’s husband count on them not being there? If you don’t know, he arrived in support of the lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL).

Prince Harry really didn’t need to be there but he arrived anyway. If you don’t know, it’s all about a joint lawsuit involving Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, and Sadie Frost. Actually, the news that Meghan’s husband joined in on the lawsuit has been around for a while. But, that’s what top-notch attorneys are for: to represent their clients in court., All of them complained that allegedly, information was obtained illegally. Now, royal family experts ponder why the former working royal arrived in London at all.

Prince Harry Testing The Reactions Of People In The UK?

Royal commentator Neil Sean dissed the idea that no media were given advanced notice of the arrival of William’s brother. That aside, he also wondered why he flew in for the lawsuit case. Well, he seems to think that Meghan Markle sent him over to test the way people reacted to him. Of course, Neil is always careful to say the word “allegedly,” and to never name his sources. However, that doesn’t mean that what he claims is cast on the cornerstone of truth.

Did Meghan Markle Send Prince Harry to The UK
Neil Sean / YouTube

Citing a “good source,” Neil said that “before Meghan Markle will agree to return back to the United Kingdom, she’s rather keen to see the reaction that Prince Harry gets.” Bear in mind, they were invited to the coronation. Perhaps, she just didn’t want to end up being on the wrong side of the “boos” that might go their way.

Royal Family Reactions In The Comments

Prince Harry is not the top-notch all-time favorite of Neil Sean’s followers. In the comments section of the vlog, follower  Marie opined, “We don’t need or want her to return she needn’t bother.”

Their unpopularity was highlighted by Dee. They commented, “Any disapproval shown by the public definitely won’t be for Meghan alone. Harry is now just as bad. He knows exactly what he’s doing, even if she’s pulling the strings. Most people didn’t know he was coming here and I don’t think anyone cares. We’re all just sick of the sight of them.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Meghan was behind the trip to the UK and he just went to see how many people might boo at him? Let us know in the comments below.

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