Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: The Devil Took The Orchid In Susan Form

Days Of Our Lives - Susan Banks (Stacy HaidukDays of Our Lives spoilers suggest that the Devil may have taken the orchid while in Susan Banks’ (Stacy Haiduk) form to get Marlena’s soul. Could Susan be alive and in the tunnels somewhere?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Just Too Coincidental

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that it is just too convenient that the orchid suddenly disappeared when it would be needed the most. Kate Brady (Lauren Koslow), Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans), and Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) all could have survived if that flower had been found. The Devil could not allow this because he wanted Marlena.

The Devil is using Kate and Kayla as bargaining chips to get Marlena to do what he wants. The Devil has already used Susan’s form to get Marlena right where he wants her. Now that Kate is in purgatory and Kayla is locked outside Heaven’s doors, the Devil can do some bargaining with Marlena to allow Kate and Kayla to return to their loved ones.

DOOL Spoilers – Susan Banks Could Have Roamed Around Unnoticed

Susan Banks was living at the Dimera mansion until her untimely death at the hands of Ava Vitali (Ex-Tamara Braun). Of course, the fact that the Devil is using Susan’s body to get Marlena to do as he asks is a huge hint that Susan is probably alive and well somewhere in Salem. The lifesaving orchid is probably somewhere very close to her.

Susan could have gone into the tunnels and that wine cellar without being noticed at all. No one knows when the orchid disappeared exactly, so it most likely was before the wreck that supposedly killed Susan. It honestly makes more sense that the Devil was in the car with Ava instead of Susan when it went off the cliff.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Charlie Dale Was Working With The Devil

Months ago, when the Devil tried to take Ciara Weston’s (ex-Victoria Konefal) baby, Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) was working with the Devil. It only stands to reason that this arrangement may have been ongoing since Charlie urged Ava to drive off a cliff with Susan in the car. Did Susan survive because the Devil had possessed her at the time?

If the Devil is still using Susan to fool Marlena, it stands to reason that Susan is alive. Was the orchid part of the Devil’s master plan? Is this why the orchid disappeared from Kristen’s hiding place in the tunnels? The orchid may come back into play at some point, revealing how it was stolen and by whom. Has the Devil been on the prowl in Salem all of this time unnoticed? Will the three ladies come home with Susan in tow?

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