Criminal Minds: Evolution Spoilers Reveals A Character Return We Wouldn’t Expect

Criminal MindsCriminal Minds: Evolution spoilers, news, and updates tease the return of Krystall as Rossi was taken by Voit.

The penultimate episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution (or the 16th season of the series) showed that David Rossi (played by Joe Mantegna) was taken by Elias Voit (played by Zach Gilford).

Teasers, which were recently uploaded to the series’ official Instagram account, showed Krystall (played by Gail O’Grady) approaching Rossi as he was held captive.

Since the start of the series revival, it was established that Rossi was miserable. And the events have revealed that Krystall was already dead. So why was she in the teaser?

Criminal Minds And Visions

The series, since it started in 2005, has already used this type of storytelling throughout its run. Some characters that have already died often appear to characters close to them. Some sort of a vision, especially when they are in danger.

This happened with Derek Morgan (played by Shemar Moore) when his dead father appeared when he needed to survive. It also happened with Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) when Maeve Donovan (played by Beth Riesgraf) also appeared via vision in Season 15, even if her character already got killed off at the end of Season 12.

Usually, these visions are from the closest people of the agents. Morgan was close to his father, while Reid was madly in love with Maeve. Krystall is Rossi’s third ex-wife, but they rekindled their love in Season 13, and they got married (again) in Season 14.

Criminal Minds – David Stephen Rossi’s Important Role In The Season

Rossi, at the beginning of the season, was seen to be out of touch and barely taking care of himself. He got obsessed with a certain case while wallowing in the loss of his wife.

Turns out, this case revolves around Voit, who is also known as Sicarius, who is behind a network of serial killers. Rossi finally got a clear sight of the case and was able to profile Voit. However, Voit was prepared for this and was able to get Rossi to come with him to a secluded location.

This is where he left Rossi to die. And where Krystall’s vision would appear. We could expect that she would guide him to survival. Or the vision was mainly because Rossi didn’t properly grieve her wife’s loss, and the dangerous circumstances finally forced him to face that he had already lost her.

The series barely kill off the main characters. It is usually the recurring ones. So, we could expect that the BAU would be able to save Rossi. But could the recent events force Rossi to retire?

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