Counting On Spoilers: What Does Jana Duggar Do For A Living?

Counting On The Counting On spoilers hints that fans want to know what Jana Duggar does for a living. She travels a lot and shares her adventures on Instagram. However, her fans want to know how she funds her lifestyle.

The Counting On Spoilers – What Does Jana Duggar Do For A Living?

According to the Counting On Spoilers, fans want to know what Jana Duggar does for a living. Those questions popped up earlier this year.

Her career after appearing on TLC’s Counting On is currently up in the air. Since she hasn’t married and started a family of her own, she helps out with her youngest siblings.

Per In Touch Weekly, Jana started a job as a “home remodeler” according to her Instagram bio. She has since removed that position from her Instagram bio.

However, that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing home renovation projects of her own. Per Celebrity Net Worth, Jana Duggar’s estimated net worth is $400,000.

Aside from home renovation projects, Jana loves traveling, gardening, and drinking coffee. She also has her own YouTube channel where she shares some of her passions.

Jana is also a trained pianist and sometimes performs for her youngest siblings at the family home. Earlier this year, Counting On fans wanted to know if she moved out of their home.

There were rumors that she was living in a small apartment. Other fans think Jana is living in her own trailer behind the family house.

They don’t think she would stray too far away from home since she’s still responsible for her siblings. It’s no secret that Jana Duggar has become like a nanny to them.

The Counting On Spoilers – TLC Star Travels Around The World

The Counting On spoilers suggests that fans want to know how Jana Duggar funds her lifestyle. She loves to travel around the world.

She recently went on a Carnival Cruise with some of her siblings. One fan took to DuggarsSnark to speculate how Jana paid for that vacation.

One fan noted that she has “multiple earning properties in her name.” Another fan joked that “being her parents’ b**** is a full-time job.” Some think she’s smart enough to earn her own income.

Others think Jana’s life is sad because she travels alone since she’s not allowed to date. Others argued that she’s free from responsibilities, so it doesn’t sound so tough.

There are also some Counting On fans who believe that Jim Bob pays for Jana Duggar’s expenses. That speculation has come up before. Those who remain in the family home and in the IBLP will have everything paid for them.

What do you think Jana Duggar does for a living? Do you think she’s smart enough to have her own income? Sound off below in the comment section. As always, check back for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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