Counting On: Has Jana Duggar Really Moved Into Her Own Place?

Counting On Counting On fans heard that Jana Duggar moved out of Jim Bob’s big house and went to live elsewhere. That news arrived about five months ago. However, new rumors suggest that she might still live at home. So, what’s going on? Read on to find out.

Counting On – Jana Duggar Moving Rumors

In March last year, fans saw that Jana seemed really happy living at home. Clearly, she’s very relaxed about still living under the rules that Michelle and her dad enforce. Plus, she always seemed very caring with her younger siblings. Unmarried, skilled at crafts, interior decorating, and working the gardens, why would she move? After all, as far as anyone knows, all the dating rumors came to nothing. Staying home is a way to save money, after all.

In about September last year, Counting On fans came across unconfirmed reports that Jim Bob’s eldest daughter moved out. The problem with these stories is that unless the Duggar family makes an announcement, it’s hard to tell if they are true. Actually, it would be interesting to know just how many times they actually reached out to bloggers and tabloids to confirm any rumors. Allegedly, when the news arrived, she moved into a house located about 30 minutes away. But did that really happen?

New Counting On Rumors About Jana Duggar

When Brittany of Tiff Topic reported about the move away from home, plenty of TLC fans cheered for Jana. However, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball didn’t cover the story. Probably because there wasn’t any way to verify it at the time. Well, in a follow-up video, Brittany now stands by her original story, albeit with some minor changes.

Counting On Has Jana Duggar Really Moved Into Her Own Place
Tuff Topic / YouTube

According to Brittany, lots of people are sending her DMs about the former Counting On star’s current living situation. In a very short video about it, she claimed that Jana has moved out of the big house. However, she remains on the property. To give her followers an idea, Brittanynay talked about “Jason,” who moved into a “treehouse” on the property. So, it sounds like she has her own privacy, but didn’t move half an hour away.

Counting On – TLC Fans React

Counting On fans seem happy that Jana allegedly moved out of the big house and into her own small place. One of them commented on YouTube, “Even if she’s still in on the family land, this is fantastic news.”

Another follower opined, “Really happy to see this. She needs to live her life.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Jana will find more chances to live her life her own way by moving out of the big house? Does she even want to leave her mom and dad completely? Let us know in the comments below.

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