Chrisley Knows Best Star Nanny Faye Makes A Mess, Calls Savannah A B**ch

Chrisley Knows Best Chrisley Knows Best spoilers reveal that Nanny Faye is making a mess and calling her granddaughter a b*tch. So how are these two things related and what started the rumble between Savannah and her grandmother? Continue reading and we’ll try to put it together.

Chrisley Knows Best – How Did Nanny Faye Get Messy This Time?

Chrisley Knows Best spoilers reveal that the show is only three episodes into the 10th season. However, Nanny Faye is already at full speed. TV Shows Ace reports that in the premiere episode, she was up to no good on her farm job. Apparently, she’s been trying her hand at Cow Pie Bingo and without permission.

Also, she was FaceTimed by her grandson Chase who was busy hanging drywall with his father Todd, and another man his age. Faye reportedly quickly began inquiring intently about the young guy. When the Chrisley patriarch remarked that he was Chase’s age and young enough to be her grandson, she assured Todd that he wasn’t in fact her grandson (as if that made it any better).

Chrisley knows Best – Nanny Faye Bakes a Mess

This week, it’s Savannah Chrisley that is the target of Nanny Faye. In an Instagram clip for the latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Nanny Faye is baking (making a mess) in Savannah’s kitchen. Savannah isn’t happy with any of it. Nanny Faye is covering the kitchen with flour and Savannah is trying to get her to be neater.

Finally, Nanny Faye blurts out, “Listen, do you want to be a good cook, or do you just want to be a b*tch?” Savannah takes the impromptu attack with a grain of salt and laughs after Nanny says that she’s getting ready to “knit” the dough.

She corrects her grandmother telling her the word she wanted was “kneading” and then tells her not to get flour everywhere. What appears to be happening is that Nanny is just trying to have some fun and probably feels like her granddaughter is just being a buzzkill.

Chrisley Knows Best – Fans Are Excited

It doesn’t take long for fans to hit up the comment section to express their excitement over the sneak peek and for the upcoming show. One fan writes, “Omg so excited, watching reruns on E! right now! Love CKB, hope it stays going with the kids! Funny funny funny makes my day.”

Another fan offers consolation, apparently due to the fact that the show is recorded, and Todd and Julie are already incarcerated. They write, “We love you Nanny ! You stay Strong?. God Will Make A Way Darling, We love you all.”

Catch new episodes of the final season of Chrisley Knows Best on Mondays at 10 PM CST on USA. Return here often for more Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, news, and updates.

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