Below Deck Fans React To Kyle Viljoen’s Scary Medical Emergency

Below Deck Med star, Kyle Viljoen is in good hands with his partner Dr. Zachary Riley. Recently, the medical professional rushed Kyle to the ER because he suffered a medical emergency. Not only was it scary, but it also sounded severely painful, and Bravo fans sent in lots of love and best wishes. What happened, and will he be okay? Read on to find out.

Below Deck Med Spoilers – Kyle Viljoen Got Very Ill

It’s probably a good thing that Kyle was with Zachary when he fell so terribly ill. The news arrived on his social media and it came with a “Trigger Warning.” Actually, others who experienced the same emergency confirmed that it was very painful, and needed medical treatment. Now, they gather online to send in their love and hopes for a fast recovery for their favorite Bravo star. In fact, it seems that his painful symptoms are rare but not unknown.

Instagram brought a very long and detailed explanation about the Below Deck star. Accompanying it was a photo of Kykle looking very unwell, Lying in a hospital bed, he was festooned with pipes and plenty of machines did their thing in the background. Of course, everyone knows that Kykle has a bouncy personality, so seeing him looking so unwell really shocked his fans.

Below Deck Fans React To Kyle Viljoen's Scary Medical EmergencyBelow Deck Med Spoilers – What Happened To The Below Deck Star?

The very long caption detailed a lot of pain and a terrifying illness. In a nutshell, Kyle had a bad reaction to “new medication.” However, he was about to “face…the most painful and traumatic bodily experience of [his] life.” The unwell feeling became really bad, and he started the week with “throat pain like none other.” Next, it spread all over his mouth, and other parts of his body. A visit to a clinic revealed a diagnosis of “hand-foot-mouth disease.”

Below Deck Fans React To Kyle Viljoen's Scary Medical Emergency

The symptoms of blistering and pain got worse for the Below Deck star. So, Zachary took him to the ER. There, medical professionals rushed him through tests and he discovered he had “Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.” The “serious disorder of the skin and mucous membranes” can cause a “painful rash that spreads with bursting and oozing blisters. Then the top layer of affected skin dies and sheds.” So in fact, he was ill from a bad reaction to the medication and not the disease initially diagnosed.

Bravo Fans React – Send In Loving Thoughts

Below Deck Med fans and followers rushed to quickly send in their thoughts and prayers. Here is a selection of comments from Bravo supporters, colleagues, and fans:

Oh my goodness Kyle x how frightening to go through this as well as your family! How scary. 😟 Speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹 to you Kyle & sending love, thoughts & positive vibes your way from Cheryl & South Africa.

Kyle this world needs your good humor and style! I’m so happy you’re getting better. Come recover in Montana.

Someone get my man some coconut milk !!! Hope your (sic) feeling better bud, sending good vibes your way 🙌🏻🥥.

Omg Kyle!! I hope u are on the mend! That sounds absolutely horrendous!! Sending you all the love and healing vibes from Canada!! 💜

Oh my God, Kyle…sending you so many healing vibes, all the way from Canada. My goodness, you’ve just been put through the wringer.”

You can view other graphic images on Kyke’s Instagram on the link below this article. But note, there is a trigger warning. There is also a link to Healthline if you’d like to find out more about the rare syndrome.

Have you ever heard of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS?) Let us know your experiences in the comments below. Remember to come here for everything happening with the Bravo cast right now. Check with us often for more Below Deck news, updates, and spoilers.

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