B&B Spoilers: Zoe Returns With Carter’s Secret Child?

The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers and rumors tease Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) could reappear just in time to bust Katie Logan (Heather Tom) and Carter Walton’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) romance apart! She could reappear with a toddler in hand that looks just like Carter, and Carter would have the family he craves so badly.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Zoe Buckingham Left Town Quickly

Zoe left town quickly after she found out that Carter was cheating on her with Quinn Forrester, (Rena Sofer) who was still married to Eric Forrester (John McCook) at the time.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show Eric tried an open marriage but then discovered that it wasn’t his libido or his anatomy at fault because everything worked just fine with his honey bear Donna Logan (Jennifer Garies)! But before that, Carter had been ready to marry Zoe but sleeping with Quinn on the sly, and it was exposed; bye, bye, Carter!

That was the reason that Zoe and Paris Buckingham’s (Diamond White) mother, Grace Buckingham (Cassandra Creech) was so dead set against Paris’ relationship with Carter. And with good reason, he left her at the altar for Quinn, who later left him because she didn’t want a family; she’d had enough raising Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks).

B & B Spoilers – Carter Walton’s Test – What Does He Want More, Katie Logan Or Children?

Carter insists he loves Katie and she’s all he wants, children or not – although if they marry he would have a stepson, Will Spencer (Finnegan George).

Will has been in boarding school for a while though, so it’s not like Carter has or would have any active part in his life.

Katie has several serious health problems which would likely preclude her attempting a pregnancy, although she and Carter could possibly use a surrogate to carry a child of their own.

If Zoe were to suddenly return with a toddler and announce the child is Carter’s, he would definitely be tested as to what he wants more, Katie or his own family.

One thing for sure, Katie would urge Carter to pursue a paternity test before making any other decisions regarding this child or Zoe.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Zoe Buckingham Could Crash The Wedding

Of course, to achieve maximum affect if Zoe’s pulling some kind of scam or just simply decides she wants to ruin Carter’s relationship with Katie, she could crash their wedding!

Even if the child is Carter’s, she would know that he dumped both her and her sister for Quinn, even if Quinn did wind up dumping him.

Katie may not immediately dump Carter just because Zoe shows up, kid or not, but if he dumps her he won’t get her back!

That could be the thing that drives her back to Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) who’s been trying to re-win her heart. There was, after all, that very mixed message she gave him after he revealed the FBI sting on Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) and she followed a kiss with a slap!

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