A Canadian Horse Starts A New Life At The Royal Mews In Windsor

A Canadian Horse Starts A New Life At The Royal Mews In WindsorWindsor received a new arrival at the Royal Mews in the form of a large black horse called Noble. She’s a gift to King Charles from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and comes with top-notch credentials. Actually, this follows a tradition that started in 1904.

The House Of Windsor Family Shares A Love Of Horses

Princess Anne inherited her love of horses from her parents. actually, the Princess Royal, in her younger years, was a skilled equestrian and participated in the Olympics. Actually, she managed to take home both silver and gold medals. To this day, she retains an interest in riding horses and has been involved with the Riding For The Disabled Association for decades. If you ever worked with that you’ll know that more than confidence, physical exercise, and therapy, physically challenged people seem to adore horses.

O(f course, it’s common knowledge that the late Queen Elizabeth adored horses. Often seen riding a magnificent steed, she became a familiar sight at various parades like the Trooping of the Colour. Unfortunately, as she became older, she eventually had to stop riding. And that saddened her. Both the sons of King Charles enjoy playing Polo, and Prince Harry seems particularly good at it. A few days ago, the monarch welcomed a beautiful horse to the Windsor

Equestrian Tradition Continues In The House Of Windsor

The Royal Family account on Instagram reported that a horse presented as a gift to King Charles
was chosen for “her athletic ability and calm demeanour.” Notably, the horse named “Noble is a veteran of the RCMP’sMusical Ride and has participated in 90 public performances.”. All these attributes are essential for a horse to participate in public ceremonies. After all, people and horses can often be unpredictable.

A Canadian Horse Starts A New Life At The Royal Mews In Windsor
The Royal Family / Instagram

Describing Noble, the caption explained, “The seven-year-old mare – who stands at 16.2 hands high – is currently settling into life at The Royal Mews in Windsor.” If the late Queen Elizabeth had still been around, no doubt, she would have really approved of the magnificent animal. Mind you, her son looked very happy to meet the stately horse.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Mews of Windsor is the new home for Noble the new gift to the king. Actually, it’s not the first time that the Canadian Mounted Police gifted a horse to the royal family. Naturally, royal family fans took to the comments section of the post. One of them wrote, “As a Canadian, what a lovely gift! So proud, stunning horse, and King Charles looks so happy.”

Meanwhile, another follower of the royal family commented, “How beautiful Noble is!!! Charles looks so happy. I’m glad to see Charles out and about. Looking forward to The Coronation.”

Here’s another comment that revealed how happy people were for the monarch: “What a magnificent gift, you can see how pleased His Majesty is!”

What are your thoughts about Noble, the wonderful horse that was gifted to King Charles? Let us know in the comments below.

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