90 Day Fiancé Teaser: Brandan Has Had Enough Of Mary’s Jealousy

90 Day Fiance stars Brandan and Mary
[Image @brandan.denuccio18/Instagram]

As 90 Day Fiancé fans know, before their meeting, Brandan and Mary spent all their time together on their phones.

During that time, Mary’s insecurity and jealousy surfaced and now Brandan is feeling it in person.

In fact, Mary won’t even let Brandan look at other women. Meanwhile, in a teaser for Monday’s episode of The Other Way, her jealousy continues as she takes Brandan to her church.

90 Day Fiancé star Brandan and Mary’s jealousy

90 Day Fiance star Brandan DeNuccio
Brandan DeNuccio [Image @brandan.denuccio18/Instagram]

After Mary has often been jealous of Brandan talking, or sitting next to another girl, it looks like he may have had enough.

Now they have met in person, the insecurity and jealousy continue in a big way.

In a teaser for Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, tension builds between Mary and Brandan.

In the clip, Mary takes Brandan to her church in the Philippines, and all through the sermon, she continuously nags him, saying, “Don’t look at girls.”

She insists that he must only look and her and the priest. While Brandan attempts to keep calm and play it cool, it is easy to see that he has truly had enough.

90 Day Fiance stars Brandan and Mary
Brandan and Mary [Image 90 Day Fiance/YouTube]

In a confessional, Brandan vents, “It’s already a lot of pressure to just expect someone to basically adopt a religion,” adding, “So, Mary telling me that she doesn’t want me looking at other girls is a bit much.”

“If I even turn my head, she doesn’t like it,” Brandan adds, “And that’s f***ed up.”

Brandan continues, telling the producers, “Here we are again with Mary getting insecure and jealous, even though we’ve talked a lot about how that won’t happen anymore,” adding:

To be physically controlled… like, where I can look, who I can speak to… I don’t think anyone should have to live like that.

Mary tells Brandan to ‘Behave!’

In the next scene, Mary leads Brandan through the aisles of the church, while keeping a close eye on him. “Don’t look at girls,” she says, adding, “Behave!”

90 Day Fiance stars Brandan and Mary
Brandan and Mary [Image Entertainment Tonight/Youtube]

Clearly, the continuous jealousy is getting too much, and Brandan admits he feels like he can’t win, and that “It can’t be like this forever.”

Right from the start of their relationship, Brandan has been plagued by jealousy and insecurity issues on Mary’s side.

The couple started their long-distance relationship two years ago and they have been constantly in touch with each other 24/7 via phone and FaceTime.

Among the jealousy issues, Mary told Brandan to switch seats on the airplane because a woman was sitting next to him.

Meanwhile, she accuses him of jealousy, telling Brandan that his jealousy cost her a college scholarship.

She has even admitted to faking power outages and unplugging her Wi-Fi so she could spend time with her male friends without him knowing.

Watch the teaser trailer on People’s website here and catch the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on Monday at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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