90 Day Fiance Stephanie Matto Creates Drama For Clicks?

90 Day Fiance fans were shocked when they met Stephanie Matto on The Other Way. That’s because she openly talked about OnlyFans long before it was fashionable. Unashamed, the girlfriend of Erika Owens was open about how she makes money catering to fetishes. But this week, some fans think the story is just a drama to get more clicks.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Stephanie Matto And Her Fetish Clients

Most people like Stephanie would have faded from memory because she and Erika didn’t work out. Actually, a lot of people thought that she only pretended to be interested in other women to get on the show. Even though she’s long gone from TLC, she still keeps a lot of followers because of her OnlyFans.

90 Day Fiance fans saw that after Stephanie started making good money off selling farts in jars, Big Ed Brown tried the same thing. Later, she and Tania Maduro started selling farts in ornaments over the festive season. Not everyone’s cup of tea, there are enough people with fetishes for them to have made some easy money off the venture.

Stephanie Matto90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – A Senator Threatens Stephanie?

On August 23, the former TLC star took to her Instagram and talked about her “senator.” What? Well, she explained that there is one in her life. In her video, she claimed that a senator in the USA likes to watch her “eat tacos.” Sounds like easy money, right? Anyway, she said that she posted about the guy on TikTok, and gave away enough details for folks to guess who it might be. Understandably, he’s angry.

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Matto Creates Drama For Clicks
Stehanie Matto / Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance alum claimed, “My US senator is threatening me and I’m afraid.” Then, in her caption, she wrote, “This is the CRAZIEST story with an unexpected ending!” She isn’t responding to his messages to remove the offending TikTok, so she added, “The US senator… is going on an absolute freaking rampage against me and threatening me today.”

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – More Dramatic Stories – Posting For Clicks?

Not done with drama, the 90 Day Fiance alum also claimed that someone smacked her in the face “with a Fendi pocketbook.” So, that’s why her face is “swollen.”

TLC fans didn’t buy it. One of them said, “Another stunt to get views.” Then, another one wrote, “So a lady hit you with her purse and a senator is threatening you…good publicity stunt. ?.’

However, some folks took her seriously and slammed her for giving the adult industry a bad name. A follower wrote, “Confidentiality should be paramount in your business tho ❤️.”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that a senator really threatened her and that someone bashed her face? Or, is she just posting drama for more clicks? Shout out in the comments below.

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