90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Stephanie Matto And Tania Maduro Selling Fart Ornaments

Stephanie Matto90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Stephanie Matto is back to selling her very interesting gifts. She has now teamed up with Tania Maduro to give their fans what they really want. This year, for the holidays, they are selling their farts in an ornament. Stephanie has had many of her fans buy her farts in a jar, and as much as this seems like an odd thing to sell, she made hundreds of thousands doing so. Crazy, right? Now it looks like Tania is joining in on her side hustle.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – The New Ornaments

Stephanie made quite a name for herself after she appeared on 90 Day Fiance with her ex-girlfriend, Erika Owens. When she sold her farts in a jar, she did have some medical issues pop up from doing so. This made her take a break from selling those and then she started selling boob sweat. Now it looks like she is ready to push a new product with Tania. She shared a video with Tania this week on her Instagram account and it featured the two of them dressed in Christmas attire and holding the ornaments.

They captioned the video, “For the first time ever by popular demand, coming to a Christmas tree near you. There really is no gift more special, and perfect than a fart ornament specifically crafted and made by Tania Maduro and myself! Give the gift that smells like ChristmASS!”

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Fan Reactions

It didn’t take long for their fans to start in on why they were selling these ornaments. One wrote, “So wait? People pay $1,000 for s****y air in a glass? WTF is wrong with people?!” Another added, “Yes. People are very strange and will buy your weird s**t but you both are f*****d in the head. I used to like you both, this changes that.” One more shared, “How’s Tania getting in on this? More to the point why isn’t anyone buying my farts?”

The comments kept coming in and many of their followers mentioned Tania’s ex-husband, Syngin Colchester, and how they think that he got out of his marriage at the perfect time! There were also a lot of comments about how their fans wanted Tania and Stephanie to date one another since they are both into women these days. No matter what their fans said, the comments were pretty funny!

We are not sure if these two are dating or if they just wanted to get in on this side hustle so that they could make some extra cash for the holidays.

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