90 Day Fiance Star Varya Malina Claims She Can’t Visit Geoffrey Again

Varya Malina 90 Day Fiance alum Varya Malina regularly visits her boyfriend, Geoffrey Paschel in prison in Tennessee. Recall, he took a case of assault to trial, confident that he would win. But, he lost and now he sits in prison. Varya remains loyal to him, but now she claims she can’t visit him anymore. Additionally, she said that folks would be quite shocked to find out why. But were they? Read on to find out.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Alum Varya Malina Struggles Without Geoffrey

Nobody can really figure out why Varya waits for Geoffrey to either finish his 18-year sentence or win an appeal. After all, it’s not like he’s likely to get out any time soon. Still, she left Russia and seems determined to stick with him. In fact, she lays flowers on the grave of his son and looks after his rental properties. Plus, she looks after the dogs. Obviously, she visits him as often as she can. But, she sometimes seems to struggle emotionally.

90 Day Fiance fans heard about Geoffrey several times. One story that Varya related involved a prison guard who had allegedly passed out. So, he somehow got ahold of the keys and went to help the. guard. According to Varya, he helped the guard when the others were not interested in him. Anyway, for his efforts, he ended up in trouble for touching the keys. But, that’s not why Varya can’t see him anymore.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers –  Denied Visiting Rights To See Geoffrey Paschel ?

Varya went to visit Geoffrey because it was her birthday, but she couldn’t see him. So, she cried and felt miserable. However, some friends cheered her up. The video was shared by @ghostof_lisasbabytoe on Instagram, but Varya didn’t get much sympathy from TLC fans. In the clip, she complained because they have those x-ray scanners that the prison. And, she thinks that the “radiation” levels are dangerous.

90 Day Fiance Star Varya Malina Claims She Can't Visit Geoffrey Again
Varya Malina via Lisa’s Baby Toe On Instagram

90 Day Fiance fans heard that she offered to have any other option like a “strip search.” But, the prison guards refused. So, she went to her “doctor” who apparently gave her a note that didn’t say she couldn’t go through them. So, she said, “My visitations were suspended PERMANENTLY.” However, it sounds as if she actually decided to suspend visiting Geoffrey Paschel rather than go through the x-ray machines.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – TLC Fans React

90 Day Fiance fans seem to think that Varya Malina is trying to find a way to finally ditch Geoffrey. Several fans noted comments similar to this: “… she clearly wanted to stop visiting him now she has a reason to never have to see him again. good call.”

However, others think she complains too much. After all, why should they make an exception for her? One person familiar with the prison system said, “I work in prison education during the summers, and prison officers do not care about your feelings. You follow the rules or leave. The officers don’t care either way.”

Another person wondered, “if she hates the US Justice system soooooo much why is she still here? Who’s she gonna call once he uses her as a punching bag? Not our police and Justice system I hope.”

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