90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Jeymi Noguero Fearful Of Kris Foster, “Oh My God, She Is A Psychopath.”

90 Day Fiancé -Jeymi Noguero90 Day Fiancé spoilers and updates tease that Jeymi Noguero moved to Columbia to move in with her online girlfriend, Kris Foster, who left the United States to be with her. Once Kris arrived in Columbia, the couple had plans to tie the knot in nine days. Previous to moving to Columbia to be together, the two had never met, their relationship was strictly virtual. The two had no problems with their chemistry when they met, but Jeymi soon realized she really didn’t fully know her fiancé that well after all.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Red Flags

The first night together was amazing according to Jeymi, but soon, she was seeing the red flags with her fiancé. It starts with Kris’ narcolepsy, she goes on and on about she can she fall asleep anywhere and she doesn’t know if in the middle of the night she will have hallucinations and hit Jeymi in her sleep. Then, Kris made a whole lot of demands on what she wanted in an apartment, Jeymi did her best to get everything but it cost $100 per month more and Kris wasn’t happy about it. After that, it was the whole toothpaste incident, Kris is allergic to mint, so she needs a product without it. But that wasn’t all, there was was also the neck issue and her possibly needing surgery in the future that costs $100,000. The crazy thing is, fans are wondering why Kris didn’t mention all this to Jeymi before she moved to Columbia. And, if she needed special toothpaste or meds, why didn’t she bring them with her. MAFS fans are worried about Jeymi, that Kris will take advantage of her and make her out to be her caretaker.

90 Day Fiancé Updates – Weapon Shop

If all the health issues were not enough, Kris has Jeymi visit a gun shop with her so she can buy a weapon, “I have always carried some sort of weapon,” Kris tells Jeymi. In the shop, Jeymi is shocked when Kris tries out a tactical knife, “oh my God, she is a psychopath.”

There is always a potential for differences that may arise when people meet face-face after only dating over the internet. Communication is important with any relationship, something Kris failed at miserable before moving to Columbia.

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