90 Day Fiancé Fans Roast Kris Foster – Disrespectful Selfie?

Kris Foster 90 Day Fiancé:The Other Way star Kris Foster, began a romantic relationship with Jeymi Noguera. During the show, fans discovered that Kris was married twice in the past and is also the mother of two adult children, Starr and Dayne. Despite enjoying long-term relationships with her previous husbands, Kris ultimately decided to embrace her identity as a queer woman. Unfortunately, Kris found little public support for her decision. So, TLC viewers recently criticized her for what they thought was a disrespectful selfie that she shared on social media.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – The Other Way – Kris The Villain

Kris Foster was certainly a controversial figure in the TLC series. From the moment her romantic connection with Jeymi Noguera aired, Kris quickly became the “villain” of the show. Untold numbers of critics criticized her for her perceived neediness and attention-seeking behavior. As the season progressed, Kris continued to rub audiences the wrong way with her constant complaints about physical discomforts, such as her neck pain and narcolepsy. Ultimately, her behavior was so disliked that some viewers even compared her to toxic Angela Deem.

During the finale of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, fans were treated to an intense and shocking fight between Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera, which ultimately led to the couple’s split. While Kris’ behavior during the fight was not well-received by many viewers, it seems that most of them were happy to see the couple part ways. In fact, many fans even went so far as to speculate that Kris might have been struggling with substance abuse despite her denials.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Fans Love To Roast Kris Foster

When the news leaked that Jeymi’s ex was not allowed to get tossed some hard questions during the Tell-All, fans were furious. Apparently, production considered her to be too fragile to handle them. So, a lot of questions went unanswered. Additionally, the “fragile” state didn’t stop anyone from trolling her. Probably, it only increased the heat. So folks accused her of being disrespectful on Memorial Day.

90 Day Fiancé Fans Roast Kris Foster - Disrespectful Selfie
Kris Foster via u/skumfukflowergirl / Reddit

Ironically, the 90 Day Fiancé star took part in volunteering to remember the fallen soldiers. But, when she shared a selfie in front of a deceased veteran, people thought her big smile was downright disrespectful. So, they tossed in a lot of comments about the way her mind seems to work.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Furious Fans Let Rip

When members of the r/90DayFiance subreddit saw that u/skumfukflowergirl reposted a photo of the 90 Day Fiancé star, plenty of reactions arrived. Here is just a small sample of why they felt the selfie was disrespectfuL

Melodic-Supermarket7: Is it just me or is it weird that she seems way too happy to be standing in front of a fallen soldier? Seems oddly narcissistic.

Niawka: …Who poses to a selfie with the biggest joker smile with a memorial to a fallen soldier in the background. What’s wrong with her?!

Niawka:..It’s just tacky and disrespectful. Like taking a smiling wide selfie in front of tombstone. Just weird.”

Do you think it was wrong of Kris Foister to pose and smile in front of the photo of a fallen veteran? Let us know in the comments below.

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