1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Treasures Little Things In Life

1000-Lb Sisters Amidst a toxic split from her husband Michael, 1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Halterman is taking joy in the little things in her life. Actually, TLC fans who only just heard about the divorce filing in March, seem shattered that things became so bad between them. After all, she married and seemed blissfully happy with her son Gage, and nine months ago, with her second baby Glenn.

1000-Lb Sisters – Amy Halterman Seems Afraid Of Michael Halterman

The first signs that something was wrong came in the latest season of the show. Remember, Amy cried because Michael wouldn’t help out with the kids. Well, in real life, things apparently went downhill. Allegedly, she wanted to split, and he got into a rage. Reports arrived that allegedly, he got violent and started throwing things around in front of the kids. So, his wife took out a protective order against him. 

Although the 1000-Lb Sisters stars obviously communicate, there was even a court-approved app they had to use when the time came for Michael to take his belongings out of the house. Mind you, it also seems that she relented a bit. So, he can see the kids. However, there are some strict rules about that. Court documents reportedly showed that he can’t be alone with the kids and certainly isn’t allowed to physically discipline them at all.

1000-Lb Sisters – Amy Halterman And The Little Things

It really must be hard for the TLC star to adjust to the new normal. At one stage, she and Micheal were happy and smiling together. Right now, she has the support of her family, but it can’t feel nice. After all, she loved Michael once, and she birthed their two boys. Nowadays, she finds comfort in the little things. Her post about it arrived on Instagram on April 7.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Treasures Little Things In Life
Amy Halterman / Instagram

Sharing a photo of her two sons asleep as she sat on the couch, Amy said in her caption, “The little things in life!!!!” Naturally, 1000-Lb Sisters fans flocked to send her greetings and nice thoughts. After all, they see her looking a bit down sometimes, which is understandable. So, there was also a lot of encouragement.

1000-Lb Sisters – Nice Words From TLC Fans

One 1000-Lb Sisters fan said to the TLC star, “So precious. Savor every moment like this, they grow up so fast. It does get easier Amy. Hang in there and stay strong. Prayers.”

Here’s a sweet post that maybe gave Amy some joy; “I know you wanted two babies since you were young & God has blessed you with them. You’re a great mom, who I know would do anything for your boys. Love is an amazing thing & can give you strength to get through anything ❤️.”

Can you relate to Amy who takes joy in the little things as the storms rage on in life? Let us know in the comments below.

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SOURCES: Amy Halterman On Instagram.

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