1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton Slammed By Fans For Teaching Gage About Scales

1000-Lb. Sisters1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers, news, and updates reveal that fans aren’t on board with Amy Slaton’s decision to introduce her oldest son to the scale. Continue reading and we’ll give you the skinny.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Gage Wants To Weigh Himself!

1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers, news, and updates reveal that, according to TV Shows Ace, the TLC personality could be heard hollering in a social media clip, “It’s a scale” as her oldest son Gage stood on the contraption bending his little knees. The scale, which was digital, read aloud Gage’s weight at “28.4 pounds”.

Slaton captioned the short video simply, “When ur mom on a weight loss show!!!” It’s worth noting that a lot of the reality TV star’s fans, as usual, praised the post by the 1000-Lb. Sisters star (via The Sun).

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Critics Say Amy Slaton Should Hide Scales From Gage

While many fans praised the cute TikTok clip, others wondered if Gage was too young to learn about scales. One critic commanded, “Don’t teach the baby about scales it ruined me.” Another opined more gently, saying, “I feel like it’s kind of damaging to introduce weight to a small child.”

It’s worth noting, however, that when a mother is overweight, and on a very public reality TV show about weight loss, it would seem to be quite difficult to conceal the subject from her children.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Amy Slaton Says Husband Michael Is Lazy

Amy Slaton shares Gage, and her other eight-month-old son Glenn, with her husband Michael. However, last month it was revealed that, unfortunately, the two are separated and on the path to divorce.

Amy recently moved out of their family home in Kentucky and she and her youngsters moved in with her sister Tammy Slaton (via Soap Opera Spy). According to a source, “Amy says Michael is lazy and has been jealous of her attention toward the kids. They’ve been having trouble since last year.”

Amy has reportedly not yet filed for divorce; however, the former couple is currently fighting over their two sons. A source has explained that “[Michael] doesn’t want the kids to be on the show, but Amy disagrees. They have been fighting over this for months.”

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – High School Sweethearts

The two met in high school and have been in a relationship for several years, finally got hitched on March 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. They announced the wedding after Michael revealed on his YouTube channel that they had previously eloped back in 2017.

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