1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Did Caleb Willingham Fake Love For Tammy Slaton? Is He A Scammer?

Caleb Willingham 1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that after appearing on the show with Tammy Slaton and then ending their marriage, some fans of the show feel that Caleb Willingham could be a scammer. There were plenty of red flags that popped up during his time on the show and of course, Tammy’s family saw them as did viewers, but Tammy was blinded by love.

Now that they have ended their marriage, fans of the show, of course, are following him on Facebook and they have noticed even more red flags that point to the fact that he could have faked his love for Tammy in order to get famous. Is he a scammer? Let’s find out more.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – The Cash App Post

Caleb has gained a lot of fans from being on the show and he has been getting a lot of followers on his Facebook account. In a deleted post on Facebook, he gave his Cashapp account name to those who keep up with him there.

He made the announcement that it was his birthday and then ever so quietly shared that link to send him money.

Of course, fans of the show felt that he was just trying to use his fame to scam them. He did try to tell his followers that he wasn’t asking for money, but if his fans were so inclined to send him a birthday gift, he would greatly appreciate it.

Of course, fans of the show did not like the fact that he was sharing his Cashapp name and felt that he did so in very bad taste.

Not only did fans tell him that he was just using his clout to get money, but there were some that claimed that he faked his relationship with Tammy so that he could be on television and get famous. They told him that none of the other cast members on the show share that information so he shouldn’t either.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Caleb Willingham Shares His Joy

In another Facebook post, Caleb thanked all of those who sent money to his Cashapp for his birthday. He said that it meant a lot to him, but he actually lied about his actual birthday. He wasn’t even the day he told fans, it was June 22!

One of his followers on Facebook felt that he is just trying to scam even more money out of people.

Caleb deleted the comment, but Redditors were able to screen shot it. The fan wrote, “Happy birthday, but I wish you would stop trying to get people to send you money. I’ve seen your other post so figuring no one sent or you didn’t receive what you wanted so now stating the Internet messed up. If people wanted to send you money, they would reach out to you on ways to get it to you.”

Fans are now curious if he will make another money post and claim that it is his “Real” birthday again.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with 1000-Lb Sisters right now. 1000 Lb Sisters can be seen streaming on demand.

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