Why Are Sister Wives Fans Shouting Out Praises For Janelle?

Sister Wives Sister Wives fans like Janelle Brown because she often seems quite laid back. And of course, they saw her explaining in Season 16’s Tell-All, that she really can’t be bothered with being besties with Robyn. However, they seldom give her an approving shutout because she also just seems to go with the flow a lot. So, why are folks praising her now? Caution: This article contains spoilers for the November 6 episode

Sister Wives – Star Janelle Brown Gets More Vocal

When Kody Brown moved the family to Flagstaff from Las Vegas, fans noticed that Janelle started to say a bit more about his decisions. Remember, she was the voice of reason about not selling the houses before they had paid for the Coyote Pass property. Additionally, she was furious about the move because it messed with Gabe’s education. And last season, TLC fans saw her have it out with Kody over the covid rules. In fact, she used the naughty F-word.

Season 17 of Sister Wives brings a lot for fans to unpack, despite a lot of spoilers emerging ahead of the premiere. Of course, Christine and Kody rehashed all of the toxic bits of their relationship. Furthermore, Meri seems sullen and angry about the family splitting up. Perhaps she envies Christine’s strength in walking away. Meanwhile, Robyn comes over as extremely judgemental. And the praise for Janelle comes because of Robyn.

Sister Wives – Fans Sing Out Praises For Janelle Brown

After this week’s episode, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball shouted out Janelle. In her long caption on Instagram, she recapped a bit of the show. Caution! Spoiler Alert! Those who watched the show, heard Janelle speak out against Robyn and Kody. Fans agree that their attacks on Kody’s third wife seem a lot like they are “trying to invalidate Christine.”

Why Are Sister Wives Fans Shouting Out Praises For Janelle
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Sister Wives fans also heard that Janelle feels angry that Robyn is using her own marriage as a weapon against Christine. So, she’s not happy about that. Finally, someone in the family suggested that Robyn is a manipulator who plays the other wives. In her caption, Katie said, “Shout out to Janelle for being the only one to say something in her interviews about Robyn.” Naturally, TLC fans joined in the discussion and a lot of others also shouted out Janelle.

Sister Wives – TLC Fans Say Why They Love Kody’s Second Wife

One Sister Wives fan said, “Love Janelle and her honesty.” And another one commented, “Janelle & Christine are the only voices of reason.”

This commenter elaborated,saying, “Thank god Christine has a true sister in jannelle (sic). If it wasn’t for her & their childrens support & love Christine wouldn’t have any family members caring about her.”

What are your thoughts about Janelle speaking up against Kody and Robyn gaslighting Christine? Sound off in the comments below.

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