Psychologist: Sister Wives’ Meri Is Robyn’s ‘Emotional Support Animal’

Sister WivesSister Wives fans really grow irritated with Robyn Brown in season 17 of the TLC show. A recent episode saw her working up some tears and going on about Kody and Christine separating. Upset, she wants Kody to save what’s left of his marriages. Meanwhile, she and Meri seem to bond over Christine leaving. Anyway, a psychiatrist talked it out and suggested that Meri is nothing more to Robyn than “an emotional support animal.” 

Sister Wives – It’s All About Robyn Brown

Remember how Robyn got ahold of emotional Meri Brown and talked to her about how she should stick with Robyn to help save the family? Some folks feel that Robyn was manipulating Meri who will do anything to stay close to Kody. Notably, some critics on social media opined that it’s safe for Robyn to have Meri around as she won’t be competition for Kody who rejected her. Actually, for a long time now, fans suspected that the fourth wife wanted all of the other wives gone. But are they misreading the situation?

Sister Wives spoilers from season 16 revealed Robyn was upset because Kody was grumpy all the time. As he stayed with her nearly all the time, she had to put up with his temper. Additionally, she claimed that she didn’t want a monogamous marriage. Now in season 17, fans see that she wails about how Chritnse leaving has disrupted her plans for her kids. So, it seems that she’s not actually upset about Christine leaving, but upset because of the way the split impacted her life. So, psychologist David Colarossi feels that she’s very selfish.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Why is Robyn reaching out to Meri? Well, on the POP PSYCH channel on YouTube, David felt that while Meri seems to bond with Robyn, it’s actually all about Robyn. It’s hard for her because Kody has been grumpy for a few months. But she doesn’t mind that the other wives put up with him “for decades.” David opined that the whole thing is about being connected to her own interests like “the brand, the lifestyle [and] the experience for her kids.” 

Psychologist Sister Wives Star Meri Is Robyn's Emotional Support Animal
TLC via POP PSYCH / YouTube

Sister Wives fans who saw the video heard David say the comment that Robyn made to Meri seemed a bit “shocking.” Recall, she said to Meri “hang on with me.” The psychologist interpreted that as “hang on with me and suffer in your dysfunctional relationship, while I have a good relationship with Kody.” Asking why Meri should suffer, David said, “it’s like Meri needs to be Robyn’s emotional support animal.”

 Sister Wives – Is Meri Angry About Her Own Decisions?

As many Sister Wives fans already noticed, Meri seemed angrier than Robyn about Christine leaving. David thinks there’s the possibility that she sees Christine getting out of what she has been through in the past. And, she might actually be projecting her anger at herself for being “stuck” in the situation. Bear in mind, she opted to stay and suffer in a loveless relationship.

As far as David Colarossi can make out, Meri is “jealous” that Christine got the heck out of the marriage. He noted that it seems, Meri’s “plot in life is to decide to have a horrible relationship with her husband for the rest of her life.”  

It seems very sad because she probably “wants to” escape her situation, but might not have the “confidence” to follow Christine out the door. So for now, she might hang around being there for Robyn and continue acting as an emotional support animal so Robyn can enjoy a better life.

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